Why You Should Study Domain Names That DONT Sell

We all want to hear the stories about domain names that have sold for thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, right? It’s motivating to see other peoples success because there is a little voice inside you that says “If they could do it, so can I”.

Well, I have that little voice inside my own head at least.

Something I don’t hear many people talk about though is studying auctions and other listing that DO NOT sell.

Why is this important? Let’s think about this for a second.

If you consistently look at what domain names don’t sell, that should probably give you a good idea of what to stay away from when it comes to your purchases. If you see someone in a forum having a hard time moving a 2 word .info domain name, do you think you should be buying .info domains?

The answer is obvious and it’s something I do all the time. I browse around forums and auctions or even dropped lists of names that were’t caught by drop catchers and I try to see WHY no one wanted this domain name.

The reasons could go on and on but in general if you do this enough, you may find a pattern of what to try to stay away from when you are looking to buy domain names for yourself.

Here’s a video we made about this topic:

Why You Should Look Into What Domain Names DONT Sell - Play button

Watch Full Video Here

Is looking at domain names that DON’T SELL something that you implement as well? We want to know your opinion on this!

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10 thoughts on “Why You Should Study Domain Names That DONT Sell

  1. Cool video, thanks!

    From my short experience with domains I can say that I usually stay away from .info, but a few months ago I bought a dictionary word .info and at the moment I can say that it is very difficult to sell this domain.

    Currently I have auction at Flippa, and for 48 hours I have only about 30 viewings and one bid of $ 20, which is ridiculous considering that the word is often used in everyday life and have a good CPC and monthly searches.

    Perhaps this is another lesson for me, time will tell – by the end of the auction there are 28 days …..

    • Hey Bonin,

      Thanks for checking out the video! Yes, .info’s can be very tricky. I am still trying to get the hang of them. It really depends on what the .info domain is and what niche it is in as well.

      Nice to see you are keeping track of your Flippa auctions. 30 views in 48 isn’t too bad actually. I think I’v had auctions that got a total of 30 views even when they were over..lol.

      Also, don’t forget to promote your listing as well.

      Would like to see how it ends, feel free to come back and let us know! Good luck!


  2. Heya Boys!!

    It was great reading your blog posts from time to time as you do point out domain industry from scratch and it was a good information source for beginners, though I’ll be honest I am more of an occasional reader. Nevertheless keep up the good work boys!!
    Ps. are you based in Sydney?


    • Hey Merlyn! Thank you appreciate the support. Also that is awesome you read our blog posts from time to time. We aim to provide useful information while giving you guys a few laughs here and there. We are based out of New Jersey in the US. Is Sydney where you are based out of?

      – Will

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