Why We Are Going 100% Sales Landers – The Experiment Begins!

This is going to be an interesting subject. It’s something that I have been wondering for some time now when it comes to domaining, sales etc. We’re still rather new in the domain game. Not to the internet, but to domains. We’ve read everywhere that when you buy a domain name, the EASIEST thing to do is to park your domain name with a parking company and make money off the clicks that come in…eventually.

Well, we’ve done that for a while now. The thing is, we do not have the largest portfolio so getting a few clicks a day really isn’t worth the money, at least that’s my view on things.  The PPC game isn’t what it use to be back in the early 2000 era. From what I read, it was literally insane. Money pouring all over the place. Advertising revenue making it rain.

It’s not like that anymore, many would agree…

So what is the other option if you don’t want to park your domains and fill them with PPC ads. Well, you can choose a sales lander and we covered the new Bodis Sales lander layout here.

You obviously have several options with what to do with your domain names but in our case, our experiment will 100% fully begin with this sales lander transition.

Why We Are Going 100% Sales Landers No More PPC Pages - Play button

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All of our domains will be moving over to Sales Landers very similar to the ones we talked about in Bodis (which look pretty sexy).

In a nutshell, a sales lander (or sales page or whatever you really want to call it) is a simple page that lets someone who visits your website KNOW that the domain name is for sale. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest or fanciest website, it just has to get the point across.

Why did we want to try this?

1. Our domains are getting traffic. That means there is SOME type of interest in them, right? Yeah I know a lot of traffic to our domains will be crap, bot worthless junk. Actually, I asked about this in Namepros here. Some cool peeps were able to help me out a bit to try to fully understand who the F was visiting our domains.

2. I like to snoop. I visit “big players” who have domains and see what they are doing. I copy. Yes. Success leaves clues. Copy what works right? So after looking at several of their domain names that say something similar to “This domain may be for sale, contact for more info”, it makes sense to try it ourselves.

Let’s see what happens. Sure, we may be forfeiting on PPC income for the short term but hopefully the long term results will be several more inquiries for our domain names.

The experiment begins!

What do you feel about Sales Landers? Do you like the PPC pages better? Let us know your thoughts!

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7 thoughts on “Why We Are Going 100% Sales Landers – The Experiment Begins!

  1. I think is a good move to remove the parking company and build our own landing pages. On the other side, we may directly get in touch with the sponsor to show add across all of our domains. One or two sponsor can makeup for all the lost parking revenue. And, it provides better control too.

    • Hey Tauseef,

      That makes a lot of sense. Do you have any idea of how to possible do that though? Feel free to send me a private email from our contact us page if you want to share some ideas.



    • Hey Anne,

      The experiment didn’t turn out too well. Didn’t see a huge difference when switching to for sales landers. This could possibly be because we don’t currently have a huge portfolio like some others out there though.

      Currently working on trying a new experiment though!

      Thanks for writing in.


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