Want To Invest In The Chinese Domain Market? You Should Probably Read This…

What’s up everyone!?

Let me tell you, when it comes to investing in the Chinese domain market, I am probably one of the last people you should look to advice on this subject.

It’s extremely detailed and when I got started buying and selling domains, I never sat down and tried to understand it. If you’ve been around domaining for the last few years, I am sure you’ve heard about the CHIP craze.

People were literally selling domain names for INCREDIBLE returns within days, weeks or a few months after purchase.


Domaining is a worldwide venture. Which means that CHINA is a huge player and are continuously looking for domains that they can invest in. If you have what they are looking for, you put yourself in the position to make good returns.

Let me tell you my story when it comes to the CHIP craze.

I saw a bunch of people talking on Namepros forum about how they were getting offers on their 3-4 or even 5L domain names. Mostly for .com but sometimes for other extensions as well.

So what did I do?

I bought 3 letter domains in various extensions, because I was an idiot and had know idea what I was doing. But I was trying to be cool and follow the trend.

I mean, why not…right?

Well, that didn’t turn out well as I lost a good amount of money because the domains I bought had no VALUE in the market.

Well now you don’t have to be dumb like me because there is a great new resource written by my buddy James ILes. James is a well respected author over at the Namepros forum. You can see his profile here.

James is the man and always covers breaking news that happens within the domain name industry. We actually did an interview you can see here.

China 101 – A Guide To Domain Name Investing In China


If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the Chinese domain market, just read this book. It’s packed full of useful information and strategies you can use when looking to buy these types of domain names. It’s not full of that cute fluff stuff.

I highly recommend it not only because I consider James a friend but because you shouldn’t do what I did and blow your money buying names without knowing the market inside and out.

James fixes this problem with the info in his book. Click here to learn more about his book.

I would like to know your thoughts if you’ve read his book in the comment section below!

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