Update: The Hand Reg Experiment – First Sale!

A few months back, I wrote a post about doing a hand reg experiment. The point was simple, to see if we could hand register a domain name and sell it for profit.

Why did I want to try an experiment like this?


I frequently read blog posts and forums such as Namepros as see many people arguing if it’s worth it to dig through dropped lists. If you’ve ever looked through a dropped list, you know how daunting that task can actually be. There are MILLIONS of domain names that drop everyday.


Well because lots of people have worthless domains. So it was my job to look through this rubbish to see if I could find worthwhile domains a business could use.


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Let me tell you right now, this IS NOT easy. But honestly, what in life is easy that’s actually worth it?

There are a few strict rules I like to stick to when looking to hand reg a domain:

  • .COM – I only stick to .com when it comes to this.
  • CPC – I like to see a healthy CPC. Shows me advertisers are willing to spend money on this term.
  • SV – Search volume is NOT incredibly important but I do like seeing some SV action!
  • English – Goes without saying, sticking to English words only.
  • WBY – The older the creation date the better. If you’re using ExpiredDomains.net, then you know what I mean. Yes, the creation date WILL CHANGE once you hand reg the domain but it’s always good to see SOMEONE ELSE thought this domain was valuable in the past as well. 😉

Ok…so you may be wondering. How did we make the sale? (2 sales actually)

Both of the sales happened the same way, about 1 month after each other.

Initially, I sent out a few emails to specific end users for the domains and got approximately ZERO responses…ouch.

So I kinda forgot about them BUT I made sure I put them as a Godaddy auction listing. I used MAKE OFFER/BUY IT NOW.

I usually don’t list domains elsewhere and I could be making a mistake but for these I was looking for end user sales and I know Godaddy is the most popular registrar on the planet so what I think happened was this.

The user typed in MyDomain.com in the Godaddy search bar. Godaddy then showed, “Yes! Your domain is available. Buy it before someone else does”.

Like this…

Then, they decided to buy, I got an email that they purchased.

It looked like this…

So to wrap things up, YES you can sell hand registered domains for GREAT ROI. In this case, the ROI on this purchase was about 2,223%. Yeah…wild.

If you have any questions or comments, share them in the comment section below!

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16 thoughts on “Update: The Hand Reg Experiment – First Sale!

  1. Congratulations on your sale. Yes, going through the drop lists is a very daunting task, but just like going through someones garbage, your bound to find something someone else thought was worthless and you know how to make it, well, something. There is someone that drives down my street every week and goes through everyones garbage; who knows what he does with it; probably brings it to the scrap yard in bulk or something.. One mans garbage is another mans treasure. I remember once I registered a $10.00 .org domain and someone bought it from me a few days later for $1,500.00 – And they just emailed me out of nowhere. That was a nice one. Never happened again though.

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for sharing! Agreed, I never know exactly what I’ll find when looking through the drop list but love it when I find some gold!


  2. Hi!
    I’ve started handregisted (only dot com) domains last year, and I’m a fan of it. I have some good numbers this year…here are my sale:

    ENFINITUM.com – Reg. 12/04/2016, sold 01/01/2017 for $500
    IMIQUIMOD.com – Reg. 04/15/2016, sold 01/17/2017 for $250
    MEDIACROM.com – Reg. 06/30/2016, sold 03/17/2017 for $520

    • Hey,

      These sales happened through Godaddy so they were 100% hands off. Well, I did send out outbound emails a few months before but I never received a response so I can’t attribute the sale to that.

      All I did was put the domain via godaddy with the MAKE OFFER/BUY IT NOW option.


  3. Congratz Omar for this sale! I still didn’t get that satisfaction feeling that someone has when its sold a domain. Would you mind helping me in questions like: what kind of e-mail did you wrote? Did you display on email the godaddy link to buy directly? Around what price your domain was set? Thank you and keep on goong the good work!

    • Hey Manu,

      Thanks so much! Well, to answer you questions. For these sales, I did not write any emails. It was 100% done through Godaddy. All I did was list my domain on their platform and I’m assuming someone just click the BUY IT NOW button.

      The price the domain was sold was $288. Since it was also make offer, they had the option to make an offer to see if I would have accepted but they just bought it for the buy it now price.

      Thanks for stopping by Manu!


  4. Hello Omar,

    That’s a nice flip for a $10 (or $15) handreg domain. But I’m curious to know your success percentage here. I mean how many have you bought by handregging and how many you’ve been able to sell and within what timeframe ???

    Many thanks for inspiring me 🙂


    • Hey Ranga,

      Thank you. The domain cost per domain was actually $9.92. I checked my excel sheet to give you the exact numbers.

      It looks like for this experiment, I purchased 16 domains. At the stated price above that’s about $144 total spent. Now you figure the 2 sales we made at $288 each.

      So, still a respectable ROI even after commissions.

      Hope I cleared that up for you!


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