The Truth About Domaining – Motivational Video!

This post is going to be quick.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.

Have you ever seen those motivational videos on Youtube? I love to watch them, they pump me up when I need a little pick me up.

But I noticed there wasn’t any specific ones for the domain name industry.

Well that has now changed.

Click For Full Video

Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below and if we should make more!

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7 thoughts on “The Truth About Domaining – Motivational Video!

    • LOLOL Yes you are right!

      I was being general when I said it. There are many good ebooks out there. I was referring to the ones that over hype stuff! Thanks for sharing.


  1. Hi, omar and will
    This is a good video to pump up but i don’t have much success on domain business but love that business, i have lots of question but can’t find any mentor who guide me?
    Keep doing good job best of luck for your business.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Satyadeep,

      I’m sure if you go to a forum like Namepros and look around there are plenty of people willing to help you but you must also being willing to help yourself and that means learn as much as you can.

      Glad you liked the video!


  2. Omar and Will,

    Good reminder and encouraging video. At times there can be a mystique about the business and making quick $$$. Although the $$$ is good, the real value is in relationships with $$$ as a by product.

    Many enter the business thinking that it can all be done from the confines of a computer screen when it truly takes a village of relationships to be successful. It takes mentors and a group of advisers communicating weekly, if not daily.

    Most importantly, as stated in the video, it takes commitment to stay the course. Find a (your) niche and stay the course! I often have people contact me having spread themselves thin trying to be a chaser of all (i.e., numerics, brandables, keywords, geo domains, geo service domains). No focus leads to time wasted, money lost, and a less than stellar portfolio of hodgepodge domains.


    • What’s up Alvin!

      Thanks for sharing! Yeah, that’s a reason why we made the video. To let everyone know that it takes WORK to get this done.

      I appreciate you stopping by and I love the work you share on your blog as well.


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