This Person Really Doesn’t Like Domainers – How Would You Respond?

If you didn’t know, there are a lot of people out there who DO NOT like domainers or the entire domain name industry.

They do not like the idea of someone being able to have a domain name and not build anything on it. In some ways, I could compare owning domain names to real estate.

You basically own “land” and are waiting for someone to buy the land off you OR you can develop it, your choice.

Probably not the best explanation but again, it’s kinda similar.

Anyway, I received an interesting comment over at our Youtube video “The Truth About Domaining“.

It’s one of our most popular video and for the most part, we have received great comments on it. But this person really doesn’t like what “domainers” stand for.

Check out their comment:

What are your thoughts on this person’s views about the industry? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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21 thoughts on “This Person Really Doesn’t Like Domainers – How Would You Respond?

  1. You are never going to change someone’s mind with that sense of entitlement attitude. Also with the vulgarity, punctuation, and grammar it is clear they are an idiot anyway.

    Just ignore them. It is a waste of time and energy.


  2. Answer:

    If occupying domain is wrong, then there are many other businesses/things more or less similar which are based on prediction but are fully legal

    1. What about those people who have invested early in real estate and now make money by selling them for high price?
    2. What about those who have invested in share market with hopes of selling them for profit when they increase in value?
    3. What about people who bought Bitcoins for cents and now make hefty profit by selling them for premium?
    4. What about those countries which fore saw the benefits of industrialisation earlier and are now developed countries?

    Are all above things illegal?

    Apart from this big things, one question to the person who asked this comment is?

    Don’t you like to buy buy discounted iPhone/TV (or any product in general)? Since you profit from discounted items by saving money, its alright, but when someone else thinks of profit making, it becomes a crime.

    • Yeah, you bring up some good points Sunil.

      It seems like when someone tries to make money off something even though it’s hard work, people will still look down on it.

  3. It’s Trump’s fault, no wait, it’s the evil capitalists fault, no wait, it’s middle America’s fault, no wait, I just don’t know anymore!

    I’m a leftist who just needs someone to blame when something happens I don’t like or someone has something I want, is that soooooooooo bad?

  4. You could respond with sympathy first and then an explanation of what domain investing is… if it doesn’t convince the disgruntled commentator it at least lays out a reasoned and calm answer for others to see. It will be easy for others to see the difference in your response and tone compared to the comments of someone angry and uneducated on the matter. In my opinion this is the best way to respond because if nothing else you may educate others that read this negative comment and agree simply because they too are uneducated on the matter.

    For example, ” I understand that you are upset about domain investing and don’t totally get it. Believe me, I wish I would have understood it better back in the 90s and invested early in names that today would be worth 6 figures. It’s the same with the stock market or real estate. Those that invest early and take the risk, then hold on to their investments long term are more likely to profit later. So, rather than get upset for not investing early in Google or Amazon, or buying that piece of property down the street that’s now worth a million bucks, I try to find opportunities today that make sense to me and I’m willing to take the risk of investing in now. My advice is to educate yourself on the area you want to invest in, really dig into it and then decide for yourself if you are willing to take the risk. Being upset about something is just lost energy that you could spend on looking for your next big opportunity. πŸ™‚ “

    • Nate,

      I get your point but I wouldn’t even waste my time to offer them an explanation. Most likely, they are going to be stuck on that belief and nothing you can say, especially through the internet is going to change their minds.

      Thanks for sharing your point.


      • You’re probably right, the original commentator will probably not change their mind. However, by responding in such a way you have an opportunity to turn a negative comment viewed by other visitors into a positive for you. You can reach other visitors that read your response and educate them. Also you can paint this commentator as uninformed on the subject. That’s really my point, taking control of the negative that is out there for other visitors to see and spinning it into a positive… πŸ™‚

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