Think Someone Wants To Buy Your Domain? Think Again!

Have you ever gotten an email from an interested buyer for one of your domain names?

How excited were you? Pretty excited I bet. It’s an amazing feeling and even better when you negotiate a deal!

Depending on the size or quality of your domain portfolio, you should get at least a few inquiries per year of interested buyers.

But what happens when you get an email that just seems fishy?

This happened to us a few weeks ago actually.

At first, it looks like a legit email. The person seems a bit sincere and interested in your domain name. It could look something like this.

I should have known but for some reason I thought this was actually someone who was interested in the domain we currently own.

I tried to give the benefit of the doubt. I responded to the email with a price quote and got this reply.


It’s crap. Nothing else to see here.

Whenever you get a response like this, just know it’s 99.9% of the time BULL. I see lots of people on Namepros mention something like this and unfortunately, I know some people do lose money on crap like this.

So if you ever get an email similar to this, now you know what to do.

Have you ever received an email like this? Share you thoughts in the comment section below!

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Omar is the CEO & Co-Owner of The Limitless Legacy Network LLC, where his company focuses on buying and selling online properties. He also handles the companies domain acquisition, brokerage and media relations. Stay updated to their blog by joining their free newsletter here

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6 thoughts on “Think Someone Wants To Buy Your Domain? Think Again!

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. For some reason though, initially I thought there “may” be a chance. But after seeing that 2nd email I already knew.

  1. As the new gtlds continue their death spiral, you will see prices of .COMs increase. The more valuable that .Coms get, the more scams to steal them will take place.

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