The Interview With The Expert Series – So Far So Good!

When we decided to start this blog we had no idea what we would be writing about or what we would focus on presenting in terms of value to our visitors (you guys!). We had a challenging time coming up with ideas and making sure we were giving valuable knowledge and not some redundant stuff most people tend to give out for the sake of putting up a new post. So we came up with the section Interview with the Expert Series.

And so far…so good.

As of the time of this writing, we’ve been able to interview 4 awesome well known experts and we are very grateful for them giving us their time and knowledge to share with us and to all of you. Another big thank you goes to you guys for getting involved in the discussions and letting us know how valuable the interviews are. We are currently working on getting you many more interviews with some interesting industry leaders.

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If you have not had the chance to check out the current interviews we have make sure to head over to Interview with the Expert section.

Here you will find our first interview the knowledgeable and very helpful Abdul Basit, a true domain expert who continuous to have great success buying and selling domains.

You can then check out our 2nd interview with Shane Bellone, a guy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. To be frank, he doesn’t give a F*** what you think about him. He is in the domain business to make money. Plain and simple.

We were very excited to make our 3rd interview with a famous member/writer at James Iles. When we first started, he always was willing to answer ours question and direct us in the right path towards learning about the industry. A true expert willing to share his expertise. Priceless!

For our latest interview #4 we decided to change it up a bit and reach out to a popular brandable domain market place called Namerific. Brandable domains are very popular right now and you can learn more about them straight from a very reputable market place and resource.

Once again thanks for the support and we will continue to create more informative and valuable interviews for you all. If you have any questions or suggestion like always feel free to comment below or send us a message.

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5 thoughts on “The Interview With The Expert Series – So Far So Good!

  1. First up, congrats both Omar and Will to have your blog in feed and I am very happy to see it 😀

    Secondly, I would suggest you to have subscribe option for both new posts and people to know whether they want to opt in for new comments to receive through email or not.

    Finally, once again I would congrats you guys and hope to see more action and fun from your end.

    Best of luck!

    • Hey Abdul.

      Thanks so much! I’m happy to be a part of the feed. =)

      Yes, I am working on the subscribe option for the new post and if people want to receive comments. I believe you mentioned I should be using Jetpack. This word press theme gets a little wacky with that plug in I believe. That will be on my “to do” list this week though!

      Thanks for continually stopping by Abdul!


      • Yeah, that’s great achievement and hope to see many more from you guys 🙂

        I think it would be good to see a theme change for your blog which will give more professional look and Jetpack would work as well. You may also start a poll in order to ask from your visitors to see if/what changes they want to see on your blog…

        As always, it’s great to come by here 🙂

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