Take The Risk And Buy The Right Domain Name – Our Story

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So have you been looking at a domain name and are wondering if you should take the plunge and purchase it? Well this happened to us recently.

Maybe you could learn a bit from what happened to us and missing out on some big time profits! It’s easy to sit back and lean on the fence and not pull the trigger. Sometimes, our brain gets the best of us. We can psych ourselves out. We tend to say things like

  • Is the name worth it?
  • Would this domain be better off in another TLD?
  • Why aren’t more people bidding on this name if its so good?

Of course, all of these questions are fine. We should all ask most of them to ourselves whenever we evaluate a domain name purchase. But here’s the thing. Sometimes, you have to use that good ol’ instinct. More times then not, your instincts can push you in the direction you should be going.

Anyway, hope you enjoy our video where we explain in detail exactly what happened to us.

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Omar is the CEO & Co-Owner of The Limitless Legacy Network LLC, where his company focuses on buying and selling online properties. He also handles the companies domain acquisition, brokerage and media relations. Stay updated to their blog by joining their free newsletter here

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