So You Want To Know The Truth About Domaining?


I got a little tired of seeing ebooks and posts talking about the wonderful opportunity the internet and more specifically domains provides each and everyone who takes the plunge.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that buying and selling domain names is a very cool business to be in.

I just wanted to voice my opinion on the topic of domaining and what many people tend to forget.

These are only our opinions, so keep that in mind.

There is a huge learning curve and a lot of hours you need to put into learning. Not only for this business but for any business you may be thinking about getting started with.

Are you willing to pay the price or get the promise?

Read my post “The Truth About Domaining” over at namepros here.

We break down this topic in the video below:

The Truth about domaining - play button

Watch Full Video Here

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12 thoughts on “So You Want To Know The Truth About Domaining?

  1. I haven’t tried domaining yet, but after been to many blogs about selling and buying domain name I think people are really making big money just with that. No need to write a blog posts, or do research to write one good article and get few dollars in hand. I noticed that many people make hundreds and thousands of dollars just by selling a one domain name, so sounds a great way to make big bucks.

    • Hey Vishal,

      Thanks for the comment. Not to sure what you are trying to get at here though. If you haven’t tried it then your perspective isn’t going to be clear as to the daily grind of the business. Reading blogs is one thing but actually getting your hands dirty learning this stuff is another.

      We write blog posts for a few reasons. One of them is to document certain parts of our journey and another reason is to entertain the audience in the niche. Sure you can sell a domain and make “big bucks” like you mentioned but we enjoy building out this blog as well.

      Thanks for dropping by!



    • Hey, thanks for the compliments. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I can just give my advice.

      Regarding your domain name, I can’t see who would want that domain honestly. It has no business appeal. Remember, when you buy a domain name try to ask yourself “Can this domain name be used by a business or can I potential build something on this domain name”.

      If you can’t answer those questions, you probably shouldn’t buy it.

      Hope that helps.


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