Why Selling Domains On Flippa Is Pretty Cool

Selling domain names on Flippa is something I saw coming a few years ago. I did some business several years ago on Flippa when I use to build websites, optimize them for the search engines and then monetize them. If you haven’t noticed yet, web properties that earn revenue are a HOT commodity. You could get between 10X and more of the monthly earning revenue if you decide to sell, which is what we did all those years ago.

Flippa wasn’t known for ONLY domains (without a corresponding website) at the time but I remember when I got into domaining thinking of how Flippa would become a platform where domains could be bought and sold, WITHOUT a website.

And now look, Flippa is a pretty popular place for the domain name space.

There are a few benefits I can see that Flippa offers when it comes to selling your domain name:

Relist Your Auction For Free (Once)

This is a cool feature simply because you won’t have to pay the $9 fee if you auction doesn’t sell. I don’t know if they run this type of promotion if your auction doesn’t sell for a 2nd time though. Even if they don’t, it’s still a good deal.

Negotiate With Watchers After The Auction Ends

This one is pretty cool. When you have an auction up and running, one way to know if you’ll get some type of action/bidders is if the auction has a good amount of watchers. The more watchers, the better chance you have for one of them to put a bid in and hopefully, start a bidding war with other users.

There may be times that the bidding doesn’t hit your reserve or whatever the case may be and your auction doesn’t sell. Flippa gives you the option to negotiate with all of the people who were watching your auction.


There are not many other auction platforms for the domain industry that let you do this. Even though I personally haven’t sold a domain through post auction negotiations, I have received emails from auctions where I was a watcher and thought the concept was pretty powerful.


Yeah, no one really likes to pay commission but I believe the 10% Flippa requires per sale isn’t bad. Other venues charge more.

Specific Type of Audience

It seems to me that Flippa attracts web entrepreneurs / affiliate marketers who want to buy something to build. Whether it’s a website or domain name, if you can determine what that market wants and fill that need, you should be able to run successful auctions.

Also, another thing I want to point out is that I was not paid to write this post by Flippa or anyone else. I just felt like writing this up since I recently sold a domain name on their platform and I’m just highlighting the benefits.

Have you ever sold a domain name or website on Flippa? What are some pros/cons about the marketplace? Share your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “Why Selling Domains On Flippa Is Pretty Cool

  1. Flippa is really great place for buying and selling domain name. I have been seeing many domain name and websites getting sold at flippa. I haven’t used the service yet but in case if i wanted to, most likely would go for flippa.

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