Reward Yourself – Learn to Celebrate Your Wins With TacoBell!

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Hey guys and gals…

So what happens when you actually accomplish a goal? When you do something you set out to do? This is when you have to tell yourself wow, I actually did it and reward yourself by doing something you enjoy to do!

This can be anything from playing a sports you enjoy, playing video games, eating at your favorite place. But for us, it’s munching insanely on some TacoBell…

I first heard of this concept of “small wins” from listening to Anthony Robbins and what he said made perfect sense. You simply are conditioning your mind to associate winning to pleasure. This way you are encouraging yourself to keep winning because you relate winning to a reward of doing something you want to do.

You can click and read Anthony Robbins’s exact words.

So remember, do not downplay your wins and make sure to celebrate them whether they are big or small. The way we choose to celebrate our wins as you will see in the video is by going to eat at Taco Bell!

We always eat healthy consistently so this is definitely out of our regular routine.

So if I want to enjoy a nice cheesy bean and rice burrito then I better keep on winning, selling domains and making some profits!

Watch Full Video Here

Like our celebration? Got any suggestions where we should eat next time? Let us know below!

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7 thoughts on “Reward Yourself – Learn to Celebrate Your Wins With TacoBell!

    • Hey Abdul.

      Nice domain name! How were able to acquire that domain name? Drop, auction, I highly doubt it was a handreg. As for the subscribe to blog post, that’s a great idea but I need to find out how exactly to do that!

      Any plugins you’d recommend?



  1. Over 95% of my domains are not hand reg and TacoBar is one of them. I think it was privately acquired.

    You may install Jetpack by which is good for many things like allowing visitors to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and more with a click. Share new posts on social media networks automatically. Display links to your related content under posts and pages. Comments to be received via email as one can choose whether to receive any further new posts/comments on his email or not.

    Other than that, you may also try Feedburner for people to subscribe your blog to receive all new posts via email.

    • Thanks for that Abdul!

      Hand regs are rare to find a nice gem, it is possible but extremely difficult. I will look into Jetpack. Like I mentioned earlier I believe I had that on my website but didn’t like certain things it provided. I will figure it out sooner rather than later. I am on vacation right now but will get to it once I arrive home!


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