Should We Reveal Our Personal Domain Acquisitions?

I haven’t been as active on the domain scene but have been reading articles from several great domain blogs to stay up to date. For the most part, things haven’t changed too much.

One thing I did have in mind was wondering if revealing our personal domain name acquisitions we purchase whether in the aftermarket or through any other source is something we should implement.

Is this something you would all want to see?

Would us showing domains we purchase help you with your domain acquisitions?

If you would likeΒ us to have specific blog posts on our acquisitions and why we purchased them, let me know in the comment section below!

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Omar is the CEO & Co-Owner of The Limitless Legacy Network LLC, where his company focuses on buying and selling online properties. He also handles the companies domain acquisition, brokerage and media relations. Stay updated to their blog by joining their free newsletter here

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24 thoughts on “Should We Reveal Our Personal Domain Acquisitions?

  1. After very long time seeing you guys in action. Welcome back πŸ˜‰

    Well, I do share my latest acquisitions on blog which my readers say it’s helpful for them to see what type of names I acquire. Even Doron ( shares his acquisitions every month which is worth checking out.

    Would be nice to see what type of domains you acquire along with some of the recent sales and how you went through the process…


  2. I personally feel that Abdul sharing his acquisition and sales has had a great impact on my process of thinking and valuating domain names and I thank him for that!

    You definitely should start that Omar! The community is really going to appreciate it and find it very very helpful!
    For newbies, it is going to be a good learning curve

    • Thanks for the kind words Arpit πŸ™‚
      I love to see what others acquire and that gives idea of what domain other investor are buying. Some other domainers do share like Doron and Shane Cultra. Always good to read and would be nice when Omar and Will will share their acquisitions πŸ™‚

  3. HI Omar!

    Wow-it truly had been a long stretch of “total silence” from you guys! Glad you’re BACK!

    Here is my input:
    I would rather see a list of what you’ve SOLD and the story behind it – how long you had it, price range purchase, how long/tough/easy were negotiations, and who you sold it too (good fit or random sale?) – if no NDA.

    We can all think the names we buy are “great”. Who doesn’t?!?
    But what defines the “great” in the end is if we sold them, the ROI, how quickly they were flipped/sold and who bought the names.

    By sharing this? Its kinda answering the question – what do Omar/Will buy? πŸ˜‰



    • Hey Mojo!

      Yes, been away for a little bit. Thank you for your suggestions and it’s something I think we should implement. I just feel weird sometimes stating buy and sell prices because I think at times, buyers want to keep that stuff private. But maybe there is a way we could make it work.

      It’s nice hearing from you. Email us if you would like to chat further!


  4. Hey omar!

    I recently bought

    Its brandable domain, 14 year aged please share your thoughts on this domain it will help me a lot!


  5. hey Omar thanks for getting back! is a brandable name so it can be used for startup business like

    auldy toys
    auldy childrenware (apparels)

    auldy as name itself is easy to recall so i think this as a good domain.
    + domain was registered back in 2002 so its quite old.

    I also want you to broker this and many other domains
    can you please help?

    • Hey,

      Thanks for your explanation but I still don’t get the domain. But since it’s a brandable, maybe try to list it on BrandBucket or something like that. I am not a very good judge on brandables.

      Also regarding brokerage, feel free to email us so we can talk further about it.



  6. hey omar thanks for your feedback

    I have sent you an email to Contact [at] omarandwill .com
    and the subject is “domain brokerage”

    please have a look at the domains, working with you will be fun.

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