Why Would I Renew My Domain With This Company?

Received a letter in the mail a few weeks back and decided to write a post about it. Seems like a company wants me to renew my domain with them, instead of the current registrar where it’s located.

The thing is, this company wants about 4X more money per year for the renewal!

How does this make any sense at all!?

Here’s a picture of the letter.

I don’t see the sense in renewing my domain name with this company. There is NO benefit in doing so and it also cost a lot more money.

I believe this domain name is in eNom but I usually transfer domain names to my Godaddy account once they are going to expire (if I want to keep them). The only cost to that is $8.17 or so…a lot less than the prices you can see in the picture above!

Have you ever received any offers like this? Let me know in the comment section below!

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6 thoughts on “Why Would I Renew My Domain With This Company?

  1. I have received such type of things through email only and not by letter like you received. This clearly shows the trick must be working on at least some of the people that’s why this company still using the method and pricing model.
    Clearly not a good idea to target domainers but this must be done on mass level and random basis.

    • Hey Abdul,

      Looks like it is working because a few other people over in the forum also said they received similar letters in the mail as well. The pricing model is out of this world though! lol.

  2. They are really cheap. Oh and their redemption fee is a measly $300 per domain.
    *end sarcasm*

    Seriously though, the strategies of this company are basically scare and confuse tactics: “”Failure to renew your domain but the expiration date may result in a loss of your online identity”” for example is one of the lines in that letter. Some people will think they need to act fast or they will lose their domain. But it seems to be working somehow as I still get these letters every now and then for random domains of mine.

    • Hey Elena,

      Yeap. It’s pretty confusing but since I’m familiar with the industry I know this isn’t the best deal out there. Might at well renew your name with it’s current registrar for like $10.

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