Here’s Why You Should Promote Your Auction To Previous Buyers

This topic is something I really don’t hear many people talk about but I feel it is very important.

Whenever you have a current auction for a domain name, you need as many eyeballs as you can to visit that auction. Every person who sees it gives you an opportunity to get a new bid, request a buy it now offer etc. The more views, the better.

But one of the best type of people to visit your auctions are…

People who have ALREADY PURCHASED from you!

Just think about it for a second. If you have previous buyers, they should trust you in some aspects assuming the business deal went well. Also, it’s apparent that they are already domain BUYERS because they’ve purchased from you before.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

We talk about this more in detail in our video below:

Is this a strategy you use when you are trying to promote your domain auctions? Let us know in the comment section!

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5 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Promote Your Auction To Previous Buyers

  1. It’s a solid strategy as long as the receiver is ok with continued solicitation after a sale. There are times when receivers of future sales announcements get a little upset being inundated with sales messages/emails.

  2. Hey Guys…good to see a new video.

    I think this might work for some names but not for others. For example, I target domains for the legal industry. For solo and small firms, they are usually geographically restricted, so the buyer of a name like AtlantaMotorcycleAttorney, will not necessarily have a use for another similar name. I did sell 2 names to one lawyer once, but that’s a rarity.

    Continued success to you guys!

    • Hey Vivian,

      Thank you for the kind words! Yes I get what you mean and that makes sense. But don’t you think you could potentially segment your buyers into different sub-niches and go about it that way? That still could be tough though because you did mention geo restricted type names…

      What I do is a have 2 types of buyers. END USERS and DOMAIN INVESTORS. I usually keep in contact with the domain investors because they would usually want the types of domains we could offer.

      Just an idea!


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