The Interview With The Expert Series – So Far So Good!

When we decided to start this blog we had no idea what we would be writing about or what we would focus on presenting in terms of value to our visitors (you guys!). We had a challenging time coming up with ideas and making sure we were giving valuable knowledge and not some redundant stuff most people tend to give out for the sake of putting up a new post. So we came up with the section Interview with the Expert Series.

And so far…so good.

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How ZFBOT Helps Find Great Domain Names And Keeps The Turds Away

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In this video, we’re going to break down how we like to use a tool called ZFbot.

We’ve talked about this tool before in our other post. I really don’t know what else to say about it besides it’s pretty amazing…I’m surprised it’s free (please, don’t start charging for it though).

Why is it important?

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How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend – Tips To Becoming A Better Man After She Leaves you

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Yeah, you read the title of this post right. Did you think we were ONLY going to talk about domain names or some type of internet related topic on our blog?

Well…you have been mistaken!

Look, things happen in life. We all go through a crap situation. I actually ran a test which is the reason why I put out this video in the first place.

Here’s how it came about…

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Interview With The Expert | Volume #4 – Featuring Namerific

We’ve got a great interview today, featuring Namerific! If you’re not familiar with Namerific, they are one of the top Brandable domain name marketplaces on the scene today. Namerific picture

We were lucky enough that Namerific was able to take time out of their schedule to answer a few questions that nearly all domain name investors could learn from.

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Interview With The Expert | Volume #3 – Featuring James ILes

So you asked and we’ve answered!

James Ilyes
James ILes Looking Smooth!

First off, thanks for all the support from all of you in regards to our Interview With The Expert series. We’ve gotten great responses whether it’s through this blog, emails or through forums. Since you all enjoy these little segments, we will continue to bring them to you!

If you missed the first 2 interviews you can find them here:

Today, we’ve been lucky enough to interview James ILes. James and I have had various conversations over at Namepros forum and he agreed to answer a few questions in regards to domain names. The guy is cool and knows his stuff. Get ready to take some notes.

Let’s dig in…

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How To Choose Valuable Domain Names – 5 Tips To See If A Domain Name You Want Is Worth Buying

Oh, we’ve got a good one for you today! Have you ever looked through a list of domain names and thought “dang, all of these names look good, I’ve got to get all of them”. Hold on there buddy. Chances are, most of them are crap and not worth putting any money into.

But how could you know? Are there any ways to distinguish a good domain name from a bad domain name?

We think there is…here’s how.

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How To Stay Focused On Goals And Be A Badass Executor!

(Image Credit:

Hey all! Will here…

Are you wondering how to stay focused on goals? Have you noticed how difficult is it to not only set them but accomplish them on top of it all? This has always been a challenge for us. We’ve come to notice that we are able to set the goals but following through has been the tough part.

There is nothing as frustrating as setting out to do something then loosing track of it and simply not getting it done.

I am sure you all have faced this issue as well.

So how can we actually accomplish our goals and commit to a better life?

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Reward Yourself – Learn to Celebrate Your Wins With TacoBell!

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Hey guys and gals…

So what happens when you actually accomplish a goal? When you do something you set out to do? This is when you have to tell yourself wow, I actually did it and reward yourself by doing something you enjoy to do!

This can be anything from playing a sports you enjoy, playing video games, eating at your favorite place. But for us, it’s munching insanely on some TacoBell…

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Interview With The Expert | Volume #1 – Featuring Abdul Basit

So today, we’re going to try something a little different. One of the best ways to learn about a topic is to get information straight from someone who is an expert at the field.

That made us think…could we interview successful people, ask them critical questions nearly all of us may ask ourselves at one time or another and post their responses on our website? Guess what, we did just that! For now, well call this “Interview With The Experts, Volume #1“. With our special guest, Abdul Basit from

If you ever wanted to learn more about domain names, I suggest you READ ON.

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