How To Choose Valuable Domain Names – 5 Tips To See If A Domain Name You Want Is Worth Buying

Oh, we’ve got a good one for you today! Have you ever looked through a list of domain names and thought “dang, all of these names look good, I’ve got to get all of them”. Hold on there buddy. Chances are, most of them are crap and not worth putting any money into.

But how could you know? Are there any ways to distinguish a good domain name from a bad domain name?

We think there is…here’s how.

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How To Stay Focused On Goals And Be A Badass Executor!

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Hey all! Will here…

Are you wondering how to stay focused on goals? Have you noticed how difficult is it to not only set them but accomplish them on top of it all? This has always been a challenge for us. We’ve come to notice that we are able to set the goals but following through has been the tough part.

There is nothing as frustrating as setting out to do something then loosing track of it and simply not getting it done.

I am sure you all have faced this issue as well.

So how can we actually accomplish our goals and commit to a better life?

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Reward Yourself – Learn to Celebrate Your Wins With TacoBell!

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Hey guys and gals…

So what happens when you actually accomplish a goal? When you do something you set out to do? This is when you have to tell yourself wow, I actually did it and reward yourself by doing something you enjoy to do!

This can be anything from playing a sports you enjoy, playing video games, eating at your favorite place. But for us, it’s munching insanely on some TacoBell…

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Interview With The Expert | Volume #1 – Featuring Abdul Basit

So today, we’re going to try something a little different. One of the best ways to learn about a topic is to get information straight from someone who is an expert at the field.

That made us think…could we interview successful people, ask them critical questions nearly all of us may ask ourselves at one time or another and post their responses on our website? Guess what, we did just that! For now, well call this “Interview With The Experts, Volume #1“. With our special guest, Abdul Basit from

If you ever wanted to learn more about domain names, I suggest you READ ON.

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Why NamePros Auctions Are Freaking Awesome!

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Do you have a domain name that you don’t exactly know what to do with? Maybe its a domain name that you purchased a while back and wanted to develop but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Or it could be a domain name that you hand registered because you had a good feeling about but haven’t been able to get any action when you listed it over at the big auction houses like Godaddy, Flippa, Sedo etc.

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Should You Ignore Low Ball Offers – Why Ignoring Offers Is Dumb On All Levels

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So you log on to your computer to start your day. Check a few emails and then BAM…you see you’ve just received a new inquiry for your domain name. This person has even made you an offer. Yep, a huge offer of $10. So what should you do? Should you ignore them? Should you write back?

First do this…

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Make Offer VS. Buy It Now – What Really Works To Sell A Domain Name?

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Hey guys, so we received this question the other day regarding listing a domain up for sale. The person was debating to either put it up as a buy it now option or as a make offer. Now you can go with either one but of course one option tends to be slightly better than the other. Before we get into which option is better let us break down what we feel are the best places to list a domain name up for sale.

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Is Consistency What’s Missing In Your Life? Stop The Bullsh*t!

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When it comes to accomplishing any task or goal we can all focus for a specific period of time to make it happen. Many of us work hard at achieving our goals in life and are very dedicated. The area in which we lack is in being consistent. Consistency is one of the toughest habits to master because it requires an incredible amount of time and dedication.

  • Have you ever found yourself doing something for a month or so and then start slacking?
  • Not feeling in the mood to do it?
  • Do you find it boring?

This is normal since the consistent action of doing the daily task can take a toll on you. This is what separates winning in your life from suffering the pain of regret.

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