Hiring Help : Hiring An Assistant For Outbound Sales

It’s been a while since our last post. Lots has been going on in the last month and maybe I will explain in upcoming posts but for now I want to talk about something we’ve implemented within the last few weeks.

If you are trying to sell domain names to “end users”, a lot of your time (if you are doing outreach) is going to be spent sending emails to prospective prospects.

Sending emails sounds easy and I guess to a certain degree it is.

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Interview With The Expert | Volume #8 – Featuring Daniel Levi

It’s about that time! Another exciting interview with the expert coming at you featuring Daniel Levi. Before we jump right into it, make sure you catch up if you’ve missed any interviews here.

So far, we are extremely happy with the results of these interviews. From the comments to the emails, nearly everyone is finding value in the information these experts are sharing. No matter how “good” you may be in the industry, there is always something to learn from others.

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First $X,XXX End User Sale Using Outbound Marketing + Chipotle Celebration [VIDEO]

I think you’ve all learned the deal. Whenever we hit a goal of some sorts, Will and I need to go out and celebrate. We usually don’t do anything crazy but we often go out to grab a bit to eat. It’s usually a taco bell celebration.


Because Taco Bell is freaking awesome, that’s why.

With this celebration dinner, we wanted to go a little upscale though. You know, a real type of restaurant. Somewhere to sit, talk and enjoy a great Mexi-Cali type sit down dinner.

I haven’t really mentioned what we were celebrating so here it is.

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How Omar And Will Found Domaining – Our Story

So up until now all you really know about Omar and Will is that we enjoy investing in domain names and making rather interesting videos where we talk about the process.

But now we reveal our story and show you a glimpse of some things you may not have known. An inside look at our past successes and failures that have led us to invest in domains and the decision to create this blog.

But before I get to all the stuff we did, every story has a beginning and ours was rather interesting…

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So You Want To Know The Truth About Domaining?


I got a little tired of seeing ebooks and posts talking about the wonderful opportunity the internet and more specifically domains provides each and everyone who takes the plunge.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that buying and selling domain names is a very cool business to be in.

I just wanted to voice my opinion on the topic of domaining and what many people tend to forget.

These are only our opinions, so keep that in mind.

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4 Key Factors To Look For When Scanning For Domain Names

Anyone can buy a domain name but not everyone understands how to acquire valuable domain names that could sell for profit. If you find yourself feeling like you are not able to determine the value of a domain that’s fine. When anyone gets started the first goal should be to understand how to value domain names. Of course, what most people do and I was one of them is to go on a domain buying spree getting all kinds of domain names that just feel like they are valuable.

Even though I do believe in trusting your intuition/6th sense when it comes to buying domains, you have to first be able to develop the skill of understanding true value. This comes from experience, from analyzing previous sales and from reading a lot about other people’s purchases and sales.

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Why You Should Study Domain Names That DONT Sell

We all want to hear the stories about domain names that have sold for thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, right? It’s motivating to see other peoples success because there is a little voice inside you that says “If they could do it, so can I”.

Well, I have that little voice inside my own head at least.

Something I don’t hear many people talk about though is studying auctions and other listing that DO NOT sell.

Why is this important? Let’s think about this for a second.

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