What Metrics Are Most Important To You When Purchasing A Domain Name?

I always ask myself a question when I sit and scan for domain names. What are the most important “metrics” I should look for when I decide to purchase a domain name.

If you have ever sat and filtered for domain names, then you know how HUGE the expired domain name lists could be.

And if you aren’t using filters to clean up your lists I have NO idea how you do it.

Seriously, is that even possible?

Ok so this blog post is to get your take on this topic.

Personally, there are a few filters I use when I look for expired domains. By the way, the tool that I use every day is ExpiredDomains.net. It’s free, it’s awesome and it’s free.

Some of the metrics I look for when scanning for expired domain are:

  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • TLD’s registered

That’s about it.

I read some people only like to look at AGED domains but I never wanted to put this into my filter because I think by doing this you can leave out some gems. For example, I was able to sell a domain name for a few hundred bucks that had an age of 2015 (sold it in 2016).

So, the domain name wasn’t old at all but still fetched some cash.

So what are some things you look for when scanning for domain names? If you haven’t yet, join our email list to stay updated here.

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16 thoughts on “What Metrics Are Most Important To You When Purchasing A Domain Name?

  1. Well I just check a few things like I’ll run a appraisal for a quick reference yes I never think they are accurate but I still check it out. I’ll see what tlds are taken and if they are devloped. I also check for similar sales. But I really buy more based on feeling on the name. I go with my gut.

    • Hey Eric,

      Thanks for the comment. I usually stay away from appraisals. There have been times an appraisal said my domain was worth $0 but I was able to sell it for much more than $0…lol.

      I guess sometimes an appraisal could be a fun tool to play with though, as long as the person understands that it is only a tool and don’t take the numbers as set in stone.

      Similar sales is a solid strategy, I like that. Yes, there is NOTHING better than what your gut tells you.

      Thanks for sharing Eric!


  2. The first thing I check is to make sure the domain name is clear of TM. Then I would look for Appraisal amount, search results, CPC, How many other TLD’s registered as well.

    I don’t care much about age because I don’t like leaving out gems.

  3. To me, search volume and CPC is worthless and TLD’s registered is one of the important factor. Age of course doesn’t matter because all great domains dropping on daily basis (PendingDeletes) are having new creation date so age doesn’t really matter at least to me.

    • Abdul,

      Thanks for leaving your opinion on this! I always think seeing a little bit of SV and CPC is a good sign. The reason why I feel that way is nearly all of the domains I’ve been able to sell had a combination of both, so I am just going by past success. If you’ve been able to make sales of domains that neither of the two then that’s great at well!

      Thanks for the comment!


      • No harm at all by checking SV and CPC but the thing is never to solely depend on these factors only which I’m sure you guys don’t.
        On the other hand, I have sold domains which had no SV and CPC or even less than 100 SV for decent 4 figures. I’m thinking when was the last time I purchased the domain by looking at SV and CPC at first 😀

  4. what we learn about “TLD’s registered” is important and how can i check the other extension? what is the best way to grab some good domain in a lower price please express your thought

  5. This is good. Though I have been away from domain but I hope to come back full time latest early February.
    Thanks Omar, I have always enjoyed your post. Keep it up.
    I have questions but when I’m back.

  6. I check how many other extensions are registered and are functioning sites. I used SV and CPC but don’t rely on them. IMHO, they are only important for parking. I think the ad competition is more important. High competition means site owners spend cash on that keyword and may be more open to acquire one more good name.
    I also take length and passing the radio test serious.
    Even with all these filters, the name must register immediate business related use on my mind.

    • Great advise! I agree with you even if a name has descent traffic stats but simply does not sound right or is too long I usually stay away from it. This is why it is so important to be extremely selective with the domains you buy. Thanks for sharing.

      – Will

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