Is Consistency What’s Missing In Your Life? Stop The Bullsh*t!

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When it comes to accomplishing any task or goal we can all focus for a specific period of time to make it happen. Many of us work hard at achieving our goals in life and are very dedicated. The area in which we lack is in being consistent. Consistency is one of the toughest habits to master because it requires an incredible amount of time and dedication.

  • Have you ever found yourself doing something for a month or so and then start slacking?
  • Not feeling in the mood to do it?
  • Do you find it boring?

This is normal since the consistent action of doing the daily task can take a toll on you. This is what separates winning in your life from suffering the pain of regret.

Keep the following concepts in mind each time you start your day:

#1 Love the process, make it fun, change it up but simply do it.

I’ll use exercising as an example, if you commit to waking up at 5am each morning to workout make sure to change up your workout routine at the gym, mix it up. It doesn’t have to be different every day but change it on a weekly basis.

Consistency Post - Practice it Everyday

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I personally find myself doing different exercises each time, one day I jump rope, another day I run on the treadmill, kickboxing on a bag, swim or workout at the park.

Be creative and do what works for you.

When it comes to having consistency in your business activities one of the best ways to make the mundane tasks fun is put your headphones on and listen to your favorite music or motivational speakers. I love doing this because it gives me a ton of energy + I seem to turn into a musical master when behind the keyboard jammin.

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I also make sure to list out the priority tasks the day before and this helps me remain consistent as to what I have to get done. A lot of times we tend to forget things when we don’t write stuff down and of course life happens. The only way to avoid this is to simply pre plan your daily activities and do your best to get the most important tasks done before you run out of time.

#2 Do not let your current mood dictate your activity or lack there of

Let’s be honest, we can all be lazy as sh*t and be in bad moods in the morning or throughout the day and of course this impacts our actions greatly. But did you know you can actually fight this and avoid being such a lazy turd? It all comes down to your mindset and understanding that you have a choice. Even if you don’t feel in the mood to do anything towards achieving your goals you have the choice to take action and get off your A**.

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Knowing that you have this power will really help you during those moody and less energetic days which will in fact come. I like to call these type of days the consistency breakers. If you let too many of these accumulate then there goes your consistency and you will then have to start over from scratch.

Do not let that f****** happen!

I’ve been there and it sucks..BIG TIME! So really make an effort to be consistent daily as this will eventually become an automatic habit and part of your lifestyle. Then it will actually be tough NOT to do it. This is where you want to find yourself and the only way to do so is beating and overcoming the consistency breakers.

It took Omar and I and while to beat these types of days and of course from time to time we still deal with them. The key is simply not to get discouraged, understand you are human but also do not make excuses and give massive effort. Learn to demand greatness from yourself because we all have the potential to be great, the question is do you have what it takes to unleash this potential?

#3 Win the day, Win the week, Win the month, Win the year, Win your life

This is a concept we heard from one of our mentors that we follow and learned so much from, ET AKA Eric Thomas. I remember the first time I heard this I was just in shock as to how true it is and how this simplifies the goal of winning your life.

Consistency Post - Eric Thomas

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Breaking it down in the years, months, weeks and finally days give you a true perspective as to how your daily actions have a long term impact and is up to you whether it will be positive or negative.

In life there are many things you have no control over BUT you have full control of your actions, reactions, decisions, choices and your effort in staying consistent daily. Take the first step and make the decision to start now and keep going each day, each week, each month and each year.

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