Interview With The Expert | Volume #5 – Featuring Bhanu Madala

We are here with Volume #5  of Interview With Experts! First off, thanks for all the support, emails, comments that we’ve received since starting this series. If you haven’t yet, check out our thank you video.

So we’ve got another good one for you today. If you are wondering how we pick out individuals we want to interview for our series, what we basically do is go around forums, blogs and things of that nature. Once we see someone is consistently buying and selling (domains in this case but we will branch out to other interview topics), we send them a message. If you would like to be interviewed on our website, contact us.

We were lucky enough to be able to ask Bhanu Madala some questions many of you have probably been seeking out the answers for. Well, your on Omar And Will’s website so “seek and ye shall find”! Bhanu did not hold anything back. Before we get into it if you’ve missed any of our previous interviews, catch up!

1. When did you start your domaining journey/career? Was it something you were looking for to make extra money? Was it found by accident? Tell us more.

I started my Domaining career in 2007 and I started along with my partner and his name is Sathya Yalamanchili. Initially we started it as a fun hobby and later on we took it seriously after making some great money initially.

2. What are the key factors that help you determine whether or not a domain name is worth purchasing?

Right now, I am focusing on number domains only and we have a portfolio of 6000 7 Numbers. When it comes to numbers I usually see how easily we can remember them. When it comes to non numerical domains, I try to make sure that it should be attached to premium products. Like and which i am asking for 80K. More than just the age of the domain, I see how important that word is in our day to day life.

3. Can you share some mistakes you’ve made throughout your domain investing years?

The biggest mistake I have made is betting on .ooo. I have made big chunk of money and blindly kept on that as that was launched by a famous company in India.

4. How many hours a day do you put into your domain business?

These days am spending nearly 3 to 4hrs per day. Even my partner Sathya Yalamanchili spends the same amount of time which will be equal to about 8 hrs a day.

5. What has been your greatest domain sale to date? Can you disclose the name? If not, can you disclose the overall profit you made on the domain name? How did you acquire that domain name initially?

I have sold lot of domains. Most of them are premium domains. When it comes to profit I earned lot of profit by selling I do not wish to reveal the amount though. When it comes to a quick sale, I have sold a hand registered domain within an hour for 50x profit.

6. Everyone has some type of opinion on the GTLD’s. What are your thoughts on the new GTLDs?

Other than .io and few other gtld’s, I dont think they will sustain value throughout time. We have a portfolio of some 80 to 100 in GTLD’s.

7. What’s your advice for someone who has a good domain name and wants to sell it? Should they do outbound sales (contact potential buyers though email or other ways) wait for offers to come to them (inbound inquires), list them on auction websites such as Godaddy, Flippa etc. What works for you?

Unless there is real need of money its all about holding the domain as long as possible since you have a year to break even or make some profit. Rick and I know few other people who follow this strategy when it comes to domains.

8. What are your thoughts on hand registering a domain name? Do you find value with them or would you rather purchase your domain names from the aftermarket? 

It depends, someone like Mike Mann has been doing that even now and selling for very good prices. They have value but all we need to do is get the right keywords. I personally feel that the brandable domain market will increase considerably.

9. If you had to sit with someone completely new to this business, what would be the best piece of advice you could give them?

Everyone can only learn when they burn their hands. So make sure you do lots of research and burn less money to get better quality domains.

10. Where can our readers find you if they would like to learn more about you?

They can feel free to reach to me on my Linked In page here. Also, they can connect with my partner on Linked In here.

So there you have it. We just want to give a BIG thank you to Bhanu for taking the time out of his day to share this knowledge that he has acquired through trial and error throughout the years.

Did you enjoy this interview? Make sure you let Bhanu know in the comment section below!

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6 thoughts on “Interview With The Expert | Volume #5 – Featuring Bhanu Madala

  1. Thanks for the great knowledge Bhanu. Very awesome for you to give us your perspective and share some of your story as well. I am sure many people learned a thing or 2. I definitely did.

    – Will

  2. Very nice article Omar, its good to see some Indian making big bucks in Domaining. It is indeed very inspiring for all of us who are looking to get a foot hold in domaining industry.

    I wish if you would have asked him few questions about future of .in and this would have given some clear idea of road map ahead for Indian gtld.

    • Hey Amit.

      Thanks for the kind words. Regarding the other questions you asked, feel free to ask ask anything here in the comment section and I can ask Bhanu to come by and answer questions here as well.


      • Thanks Omar for reply, well if you can ask Bhanu, pls ask him about future of .in and domains and how current pricing scenario is going on in India about keyword / product based names.

        Looking forward for your reply.


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