How ZFBOT Helps Find Great Domain Names And Keeps The Turds Away

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In this video, we’re going to break down how we like to use a tool called ZFbot.

We’ve talked about this tool before in our other post. I really don’t know what else to say about it besides it’s pretty amazing…I’m surprised it’s free (please, don’t start charging for it though).

Why is it important?

Everyone has their own style when it comes to purchasing domain names. Whether it’s looking at search volume, cpc, advertising competition etc. There is always SOMETHING a “domainer” likes to see before they purchase a domain name for potential resale. This is where the ZFbot tool helps us….wonderfully.

We may be wrong but what makes sense to us is to make sure we focus on domain names that OTHER PEOPLE are already USING that are HIGHLY similar to the domain we want to purchase.

Makes sense?

Ok…let me break this down for you (just watch our video though, we break it down better).

Let’s say you want to buy a domain name such as What the ZFbot tool does (if you set up the search functions correctly) will go through the search engines and gather up up to 10,000 websites (for free) that have the term “Radio Sounds” in it. So basically you could get see results come back such as


The point is, you probably have the “best” version of the domain name since you have When you see several websites with similar versions of the domain name you acquired and may want to sell this should tell you a few things:

  • Your a domain picking ninja
  • There could be several “end users” who could potentially want to upgrade to the domain you have
  • If you have the .COM version, it puts you are a better position for an “end user” to come knocking on your door

We break it down a in our video here. Just remember, you are looking to see that other ESTABLISHED, REAL are using domains similiar to yours. We don’t like to see websites parked because more than likely it isn’t a potential end user using the domain. It’s probably someone who buys and sells domains as well.

Finding established businesses with longer, funkier, uglier versions of your domain name is sweeeet.

If you have questions about this tool, feel free to let us know below. A big THANK YOU to the creator of the tool as well.

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6 thoughts on “How ZFBOT Helps Find Great Domain Names And Keeps The Turds Away

  1. Since have started charging in displaying over 50 results since few months, I have started using ZfBot when I need to see more than 50 results. This tool makes thing really easy in deciding what names to buy and shows how many variations are already registered in some different TLDs.

    Thanks for sharing as ZfBot is the best bet as of now unless they don’t start charging similar to ND 😉

    • Hey Abdul.

      Yep, I’ve heard of the other service but I am not looking to pay for something I could get for free somewhere else. Zfbot is awesome and gives you a better idea if other versions of the domain you want is taken by potential end users.

      Thanks for the comment buddy!


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