How To Stay Focused On Goals And Be A Badass Executor!

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Hey all! Will here…

Are you wondering how to stay focused on goals? Have you noticed how difficult is it to not only set them but accomplish them on top of it all? This has always been a challenge for us. We’ve come to notice that we are able to set the goals but following through has been the tough part.

There is nothing as frustrating as setting out to do something then loosing track of it and simply not getting it done.

I am sure you all have faced this issue as well.

So how can we actually accomplish our goals and commit to a better life?

The key comes in what you do to hold yourself accountable for the daily tasks that must be done to stay focused and reach your goals. Of course having the right mindset helps a ton as well.

Omar and I had the same issue and it was so tough to actually come up with a solution but finally we created a strategy by implementing the following tactics:

Having the Right Mindset

I touched upon it just a bit but having the right mindset is truly important. This is the only way you will remain focused on your goals through the ups and downs. Remember things will not go smooth, there will be setbacks and sometimes it will feel like you are failing when your goal isn’t coming as fast as you initially thought it would.

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The key is understanding you will make mistakes, you will fall down but no matter what you have to stay the course, keep getting up and refocusing on your goals.

What can you do to lock in on the right mindset?

A starting point is to begin reading personal development books that focus on positive thinking, setting goals etc. Also listening to motivational speakers and people who have the right mindset and have accomplished success.

Remember, success leaves clues.

Another huge influence on your mind and overall life is the people you let into your life. Influence is everything; the people you allow into your circle of influence can determine a great deal about your life and where it possibly could be headed.

Goals – Write Them Down

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This is the easy one, at least this is what’s running through your mind when you hear the phrase “write down your goals”? You will be surprised at how many people including us just simply do not write down our goals and just talk about them. You must write down your goals and also put a time frame on when to accomplish the goal. Also, map out the daily tasks that must be done to reach the goal as well. Small wins can equal big results.

When it comes to the daily tasks that must be done it is important to write them down the day before that way you will have a check list for the following day you can look at and focus on. Make sure to list them from top priority to least that way you will know what you need to tackle right away.

Invest In A Accountability Partner

This is probably the most important thing you simply MUST do. Whether its your business partner (in the case for Omar and I it is), or if it is a workout partner, having someone to hold you accountable is crucial.


As humans, we are programmed for comfort. Pushing ourselves beyond our limits isn’t something we necessarily “want” to do. Thus, it’s easy to become lazy and lethargic. Having someone who is going to make sure you stay on track towards your vision is literally priceless (unless you are paying for a coach, then it’s probably not priceless…lol)

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Once Omar and I decided to implement this we started to see some amazing result in achieving our goals. The way we approach it is having two meetings a week, short 20 minute phone calls or facebook chats to discuss the focus for the week and what still need to get done. We also discussed the previous week, what we were able to do as well as the things we did not get to and find out the reason why we didn’t get to them.

One thing you have to understand is that even though the above tips and methods are very effective if you don’t truly desire to achieve the goals you write down or you do not believe you can accomplish them then you have lost the battle already.

Read that paragraph 1 more time..

It’s very important to understand how much influence and power you have when it comes to the way that you think about your goals as well as how you think about yourself. Have confidence, be consistent day in and day out and you will continue to improve and see results.

What are some things you do to help you stay focused on your goals? Let us know your thoughts below.

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