How To Reach End Users For Your Domain Names

Everyone who gets into the domain industry always wonders what is the fastest and most profitable way to sell your domain name. Well…there are many marketplaces you can go to and put your domain for sale. The only catch is that they take a percentage of the final sale and even sometimes charge you a fee upfront. Of course this is just an expense of being able to sell that domain by getting it in front of many potential buyers, which is a fair trade off. You pay a little commission and get potentially exposes to several more buyers.


This is not the only method of selling a domain, you can focus on finding end users who may be interested and could benefit from owning your domain name. The bigger question is, where do you find these so called end users and how?

This is exactly what we go over in the following video:

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Just to give you all a bit more detail on what we go over in the video here is a breakdown of the most effective strategies we use to find end users.

What Do I Do To Find Potential End Users?

Find Related Websites

When it comes to reaching out to end users for your domain name, you need to make sure you target people who may be interested in the first place. If someone has a website that includes your domain name keyword but may have additional words or it is a less valuable extension this is someone you can reach out to and see if they will be interested in owning your domain name since it will clearly be an upgrade.

One of the tools that you can use to find related websites to your domain name is ZFBot we go over in detail how to use it Zfbot properly in our previous post.

Top 50 Ranking in Google Search For Your Keyword (Organic Search)

These are the sites that rank in Google for your domain’s keyword phrase. That means they are targeting this keyword somehow in their website. This is a great group to reach out to since they may have some interest in owning this domain. We usually focus on the top 50 right away. Then we can always backtrack and reach out to the rest. I just feel the top 50 are the most similar sites competing for the top spots, after that it tends to get less relevant and lower quality websites.

Companies Advertising for Adwords (PPC)

These are companies/sites that are paying to be ranked on the right side of the Google search. An effective tool to use for this method is called Spyfu, the tool is free and you can simply put in the domain name keyword and then scroll to the bottom where you can see current ads.

One of the coolest features about Spyfu is that it gives you related keyword terms, this way you can also target companies advertising for similar terms. This increases the amount of companies you can reach out to meaning more chances to get a response back and make a sale.

Finding The Contact Information For End Users

Alright, so now that you know how to find the potential end users I am sure you are wondering how to find their contact information and also what to even say to them. Well, getting an email address will be essential and at least a first name if possible. The best place to go to will be WHOIS where you can put the domain of the potential end user and it will give you the domain owner’s contact info. Just make a free account and you will be good to go.


What happens when there is no information in the Whois and it is private or blocked off? Simple, just go to the actually website for the potential end user and look for a contact us page, a Facebook link to their page, twitter or any other form of communication.

There is a very powerful site/tool you can use called ZoomInfo. You put the name of the company or website and it can give you a list of employees including the decision makers you want to get in touch with like the CEO and/or VP of sales etc. I was able to find out about this tool and many End User strategies from a NamePros post Ali Zandi posted while back, definitely a gold mine and a must read. Ali goes into details on what to write an end user.

What Should You Write in Your Initial Email?

In a nutshell, you have to keep the email simple and to the point, do not mention a price (opinion may vary here) since the first email should be to see if the end user would be interested in owning your domain and just mention you feel this domain will be beneficial in their hands either for marketing purposes or simply to redirect the domain to their own site. After that it will be just back and forth negotiations.

If you have a question, feel free to contact us. Make sure you check out our video to this topic here.

What do you think about our thoughts on contacting end users? Would you do anything different? Let us know!

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29 thoughts on “How To Reach End Users For Your Domain Names

  1. I’ve sold a lot of names reaching out to end users, maybe you have a name but cannot locate the email address. I sometimes overcome this by searching under Press or HR on their website, often there is an email address shown of an employee in one of these departments, just copy the format.

  2. Great article! I am so glad I found you guys. Thank you for sharing practical how to advice. Could you post a sample email to a prospective buyer? It would be so helpful.

    • Hey Sharon,

      Thanks for stopping by! This is a good question and I believe it’s something we could share in a future post very soon. Let me tell you this though, it is nothing fancy. Also, keep in mind we are NOT great at the entire “end user” scenario as we are still learning (but we are currently closing a deal for a low $X,XXX end user sale in which we reached out to them). Well talk about that in more detail as well.

      What I would suggest though is keep it very simple and just make sure the person you are contacting has a good reason to want the domain name you are trying to sell them.

      Thanks Sharon!


    • Hey George,

      Yes, I’ve heard that before. I agree somewhat but if the buyer/prospect asks you for a price after initial discussions, are you going to keep them chasing and force them to spit out a price? What if they never do?


      • If I have sent initial email about selling the domain and buyer asks for the price, I used to present my asking price if I wasn’t getting from the other end.

        But these days when I don’t send emails to endusers myself, I usually ask them to make an offer or come back when they have an offer in mind… Also sometimes I quote at first depending on the domain and/or buyer’s information. At least you have the upper hand in this position not to quote unless you get an offer from the inquirer.

        • Good tips Abdul. Yes you can approach it in many different ways. When we are in a position we have to say our asking price we make sure we go for the Home run. What I mean is normally we are ok with getting 10 times our investment for a sale but we start out with 50 times our investment for the asking price and begin to negotiate.

          The important thing is to make sure you have the price you want in mind and the lowest you are willing to go. This helps make the negotiation process smooth and quick.

          – Will

  3. Hi Guys,

    Some of my domain names just i wanna share with you.

    RawMango.COM (Brandable 12 Years Old Domain)


    German Language Domains:
    BREITSPEKTRUM.DE (BroadSpectrum)
    PARTYVORRATE.DE (PartySupplies)
    GESCHAFTWELT.DE (BusinessWorld)
    VERFUHRUNG.DE (Seduction)
    BESTEKASINO.DE (BestCasino)
    MASCHINETOOLS.DE (MachineTools)
    GESCHAFTINSIDER.DE (BusinessInsider)
    VERFUHREN.DE (Seduce)

    GESUNDHEIT.XYZ (Meaning ‘Health’ in German language)
    HYPOTHEK.XYZ (Meaning ‘Mortgage’ in German language)

    • Great set of domains, thanks for sharing. I am curious how has it been going with the .xyz extension. I saw Google registered and thought it was a pretty clever move by them.

      For us we stick to two word .coms, and one word .net, .org and sometimes .info. As Omar mentioned in regards to German names not sure but those based on the translations are pretty good terms.

      – Will

    • Hey Susan,

      Do you mean the sites are parked? Or the sites are down in general? I can’t think of any other tool that does what ZFbot does with the speed and also for free. I heard of something called Namedroppers or something to that degree but I have no idea how that works.


  4. I can’t express how happy I am to find this post, am really learning as a newbie. I registered two expired domain names : and and I have been having a hard time with finding endusers and even properly appraising the names. I will like an advice from you. Thanks!

    • Sup Daniel,

      First thing I don’t like is it looks like you purchased those domain names BEFORE you looked into the market and seeing if there were any end users to begin with. Well, I am assuming this is the case.

      At least their .Com’s though. Def not the worst domain names on the planet , they could probably sell.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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