How To Make A Sale Even If Your Auction Doesn’t Sell At Flippa

So this post is going to be brief but it is in regards to another cool feature that Flippa offers for their auctions.

Let’s face it, sometimes when you put an auction up it doesn’t sell.

This probably happens more often than not.

At times, you may have lots of interested people and other times you barely get any auction views and fail to sell your domain name. In most cases and with other platforms, you simply can relist your domain name…and hopefully this time it sells.

But Flippa offers something pretty unique…

Unless I am mistaken (and please let me know in the comment section below if I am wrong), Flippa seems to be one of the only websites that lets you negotiate with people who were interested in your auction via “watchers”.

How cool is that?

Well let me tell you, it’s pretty cool because I was able to land a sale from this strategy a few days ago.

It’s always important to get a good amount of watchers on your Flippa auctions not only because it gives you a better chance for a bidding war but because of situations like this.

My auction didn’t sell initially because it did not hit my reserve price. It had a few bids but that was it.

Then I noticed a link that said “Make an offer to the flippa users who were interested in your auction“.

What I basically did from there was fill out the form which has 2 simple blanks to fill out:

  • Your offer
  • Optional Message

That’s all I pretty much did. I put the $ amount I was happy to sell this domain name for and a simple message saying this was the price and I am open for all serious offers.

Only 1 person responded but that’s all it took.

From there, it was just a process of negotiating. They started low but worked their way up and I came down a bit from my initial price to lock in the deal.

So that’s another great feature Flippa offers for selling your domain names.

Have you had any experiences selling domain names on Flippa? I would like to read them in the comment section below?

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4 thoughts on “How To Make A Sale Even If Your Auction Doesn’t Sell At Flippa

    • Hey James,

      The free “classified” listings are something you can use but aren’t like auctions. Auctions promote a sense of urgency and require users to bid against each other, which of course could drive the price up.

      I’ve been testing both but have put up many auctions with good results. Yes, I do the basic $9 listing and try to promote it through different channels like forums, email list, namebio etc. Sometimes, Flippa is willing to offer “free credits” to help out with listing fees as well.

      Hope that helps James!


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