How To Find The Decision Maker When Buying or Selling Domains – Here Are Some Tools

One of the toughest aspects of buying and selling domains comes down to finding the right person to reach out to.

This has always been a struggle for me since it can be discouraging sending out emails only to get no responses and making calls only to get no call backs.

There are many people who will tell you outbound is a numbers game and so a ton of volume is required in order to see results. Knowing how to find end users is important as you can see in a previous post but also understanding what are the most effective methods to use is critical.

 Basic methods:

  • Whois Domain Name Search (One of the basic ways to find the right contact info)
  • The About Me Page within the Domain if Available (Here you will find the big position people within the company that most likely run the domain)

Now even though these are well known methods and do work as you can see from the post about our first x,xxx sale using outbound marketing, they’re not always effective since sometimes the information is not provide, blocked or no about me page exists.

This can be frustrating, I know since it has happen to me multiple times when doing outbound on our domains.

For a while, I kept sending email after email but mainly no responses, so I started to research tools and methods that would give me the right contact information I would need to get better results.

Effective Tools/Methods you Can Use

  • Whoisology (Similar to Whois but more powerful in showing owner info when it is private on Whois)
  • Zoominfo (Great site with a free and paid option, I use it often to get the CEO or any high ranking title within a company)

I am sure there are many more methods out there so feel free to share what methods or tools you all use when doing your outbound selling. Let us know in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “How To Find The Decision Maker When Buying or Selling Domains – Here Are Some Tools

  1. One quick addition specific to the German market:
    all websites there are legally obliged to feature an “impressum”, which must contain:
    – name of CEO
    – non-premium phone number that actually gets you through to a human being
    – an email address that gets you through to a human being

    Never bother with the “kontakt” option on German websites (they never have a phone number or email, but lead to a contact form only), always jump straight to the “impressum” area when you actually want to get in touch.

    • Nice!

      Thanks for these tips! I don’t know much about the German market so I’m sure this could help me and also lots of other people.

      Thanks again.


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