The Seasonal Domain Niche – Are Mothers Day Domains And Others Profitable?

On Sunday I got home from celebrating Mother’s Day with my family. As you can imagine the place we went to was packed and full of people celebrating as well. While at the restaurant, I started thinking about just how much these restaurants make on Mother’s day and I was thinking it had to be a significant amount compared to what they would make on a regular Sunday.

So How Does this all Relate to Domains?

I began to think about Mother’s day related domain names and if they were a worthy investment for just one day out of the year, was it best to try to flip these names to businesses or simply build them out yourself. I began to think about the other holidays people celebrate and those related domains as well. Some people call these type of names “seasonal domain names”.

For example, some huge seasons would include Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I did some searching and really couldn’t find much info regarding this topic so I thought it would be a good discussion especially if some of you have experience with these types of names.

In my opinion, I feel the profitability of these domains depends solely on how popular and how many people actually celebrate the special event.

We use to have a domain name related to the New York marathon race that happens around November every year and we did notice a huge traffic spike around the time of the race.

I also always come across names that are related to Christmas or Halloween that get a huge uptick in search volume during the holidays and this is what makes me think even though they are seasonal they are still valuable.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s day!

I want to hear your thoughts in the comments below in regards to seasonal domains.

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6 thoughts on “The Seasonal Domain Niche – Are Mothers Day Domains And Others Profitable?

  1. I think your point mentioning how the specific metrics are the key here.

    It’s worth noting though, that on a previous Domain Sherpa Review Andrew mentioned how despite huge efforts, they had very little response from people for .. and that nobody wanted to pay anything close to what he felt it was potentially worth.

    PS .. Happy Mother’s Day Mom (if you’re reading this)

    • Thanks for sharing that, it is interesting thinking how did not get any bites or worthy offers but I wonder if would or something to that extend.

      In the end maybe businesses might not feel like spending a ton on something so seasonal and probably buy cheaper seasonal names they can use in their marketing campaigns.

      – Will

  2. I, personally, place my DN searching time into niches that are more profitable and require much less work while developing them.

  3. Hi Will,

    Most of the handful of names I have are .com domains that are forwarded to my main website.

    The domain I chose to “experi-dev” with this year is I❤️ I figured I’d experiment with it due to the emoji chatter (tv show coming in Jun, movie in Aug). It’s nothing to write home about out nor does it really qualify as dev complete.

    Nevertheless, I decided to create a Facebook page a few days before Mother’s Day to simply see how many page likes (~80) it could garner. There might be an opportunity down the road that it turns into something, but I’m not looking for it to “go yard”, if you will. My next experiment is likely Father’s day. We’ll see how it turns out…

    Although I’ve not sold or received any offers, I too see traffic surges with the handful of names I own and track via Google Analytics.

  4. Hey Alvin thanks for sharing that is pretty cool, developing takes time but if it is done right it can certainly be profitable. I am curious to see how you do with .ws extension developing wise and see how it turns out.

    I think the word mom is awesome and you wont b simply tide down to mother’s day since you can always go into gifts for mom, why moms matter, tips for moms and all sorts of things like that.

    – Will

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