How Many Geo Domains Should You Expect To Sell?

Geo domains are a type of domain that I love buying. I feel they have several practical uses for a variety of business owners and having a strong geo domain name and impact your web presence for the better.

Buying Geo domains is a hot topic and many people have different questions on exactly how to go about buying them.

Also, it’s not only about buying them but figuring out exactly how to sell them.

Geo domains can be tricky. Since they are a niche type of domain, they may not have the same appeal as a generic style domain name.

The real question is, how many Geo domains should you expect to sell?

This was a question we received via youtube and we chat about it in this video.

Do you enjoy buying geo domains? What has your success rate been with these type of domain names?

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  1.; As in alot of super wealthy people get together annually to make business deals on a global scale, See you there?

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