Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Reveal Your Domain Acquisitions Too Soon

This happened to me a few weeks ago and is something you should always keep in mind. It was a mistake on my part and something I think we all could learn from.

If you don’t know the process of domain expiration, we break it down in our own way here.

When a domain name is expiring, you are given the chance to put a bid in an auction format and potentially win the domain name for yourself.

This is what I did via a Dynadot expired domain name auction.

I won a domain name for a GREAT price in my opinion. I was very happy with the purchase, so happy that I went on the Namepros forum and revealed what domain name I had just won at auction.

There goes my mistake.

You see when you win an auction, you don’t technically “own” the domain name yet. The original owner still has a certain window of time to renew the domain name. If they do, the registrar will either give you a refund or give you credit towards your next purchase.

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But in a nutshell, you don’t own the domain name anymore.

I should have known this. Maybe I had a little to many rounds of Gin and Seltzer (w/lime) and didn’t realize I should have waited until the domain actually went into my account.

Now I can’t be 100% certain that the original owner saw me post the acquisition in the forum, noticed that they owned it and renewed it. It’s possible but I can’t prove that.

What I do know is if you win a domain name in an expired auction do the smart thing and don’t do what I did. Instead, wait for it to go into your account no matter how many days it actually takes. Then and ONLY then do you share your new acquisition if you choose to.

Has something like this ever happened to you? If so, let me know in the comment section below.

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21 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Reveal Your Domain Acquisitions Too Soon

  1. Hey Omar, domaining – and life – is a learning experience.

    Don’t feel bad, but learn from this mini adventure. There are plenty of opportunities ahead.

    Two bits of advice:

    1. Not only do not reveal what you acquire, also don’t openly share what domains you sold, at least until some months (years) have passed.

    2. Gin & Seltzer is ok, now try a watermelon margarita with jalapenos, it will kick your ass. 🙂

    PS When is the next in-car video?

    • Thanks!

      I love the work over on your blog as well. I appreciate the advice…especially #2! LOL

      The car vids are coming but Will and I moved away from eachother. Not way to far from one another but we’re working on providing other types of content. But yeah, the car vids will be back!


  2. Many people complaint about DynaDot and GoDaddy about this renewal issue once we win any expiring domain auction. But most cases are reported for DynaDot. That’s why I never like to use that platform.

    • Hey Abdul,

      I’ve heard it happen to people through Godaddy didn’t hear much about Dynadot. I know what you mean about not wanting to use their platform but sometimes they do have some nice domains that make me want to bid from time to time.


      • I have heard lot about them and stopped using them since it’s worth my time and energy. On top of that, people who bid over there and if the original registrant renews the domain, you don’t get refund through the method you paid Dynadot. Instead, they pay you credit in your account and you’re forced to used that in buying another domain. That’s just another rubbish thing from Dynadot if it’s true.

        • Yes, I believe Dynadot told me I got a “credit” put back into my account. I would much rather give me my money back instead of credit. But since it wasn’t a huge cost, I’ll deal with it…for now.

  3. Don’t feel bad at all… been there done that “few” times early in the domain investing game. But I learned as you have too, and that’s the upside. I agree with AdbulBasit about DynaDot’s platform.

  4. I don’t disclose neither my purchase or sales.
    Why? Because, a couple years ago I purchased a DN for $60. and I mentioned in a forum. A few months later, while trying to sale it for $350., I received all kinds of insults for being a speculator, money hungry, etc., etc.
    From there on, all my transactions are kept private.
    No information, no chance to unwanted issues.

  5. Whenever I win an auction, I always wait until the domain is my account before “rejoicing.” But here is a bigger question (I think) Omar; is it wise to highlight on any forum the fact that one has won a particular domain on auction?

    • David,

      Thanks for stopping by. Great question. I am not crazy about sharing acquisitions. I’ve said that before but I do like the section on the forum where people share new purchases. I wanted to contribute to the section but maybe I did so too soon…lol. Or again, maybe by revealing my acquisition had nothing to do with the previous owner renewing.

      It’s all good though!


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