Happy Thanksgiving From Us To You + Win A Giftcard Today!

Thanksgiving 2015 is upon us! If you celebrate this holiday, today is a time to give thanks for the things that we have in our lives and also for the things we may not currently have in our lives as well. What are you thankful for? Really sit and think about it for a bit.

Most of us our busy in life and sometimes forget to actually sit back and be grateful for our family, friends and other people in our lives. This is common because since we are always on the move, we can easily take for granted things that are in our lives on a daily basis.

This Thanksgiving, take some time in the day for reflection. Reflect on what you’ve done in your life. What you’ve accomplished. Who has been there by your side for your victories and who has stuck by you through your times of defeat.

Will and I have been through a bunch of stuff in life. Going through a lot right now actually. We sometimes overlook the little things we take for granted but today we’re going to make sure we sit back and “smell the roses”.

Another thing we are thankful for is all the people who have been coming by this website, watching our videos and sharing their comments. A big thank you goes out to all the wonderful reviews of our Interview With The Expert series as well. All of the love (even hate) we’ve received on this site is amazing and we truly thank you for it all.

So how much do we thank you?

We Are Giving Away TWO ONE $20 American Express Giftcard!

Yes. Only TWO Only ONE LEFT. This is a limited time give away. If you are interested in winning keep on reading…

Here is what you have do to be eligible to win:

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Show us some love on YOUR social media pages
  • THE FIRST TWO PEOPLE  to get all the above done and send us an email (our contact info could be found here)

Since the Giftcards are for USA use only, we have to keep this contest only for people within the USA.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving 2015!

Feel free to let us know what your thankful for this Thanksgiving in the comment section.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From Us To You + Win A Giftcard Today!

  1. I already read it’s for people living in USA only but still I followed Twitter which in any case I had to do and already following you at FB. Shared some of your posts at FB. That’s some love from me 😉

    • Hey Abdul!

      Thanks for sharing our posts on FB! I saw you did that, much appreciated. Yeah, for some reason the giftcards are for USA use only but when we run some more contest which we plan too in the future, I will look to find something international. =)

      Also, Will was able to add the plug in to give visitors the option to subscribe to our post. That’s for that piece of advice.

      Have a great weekend Abdul!


  2. That’s perfectly alright.

    Now that looks great I tell you. Even your reply wasn’t received and I needed to come in and check. I will subscribe to this and all other future posts to get notification as soon as you guys publish any new post.

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