How Do You Feel About Geo Domains?

This is going to be a short and rather random post but for some reason, I’ve always liked Geo domain names.

I don’t know why but I always feel like a business could use a domain name that’s specifically targeted towards their location. All you have to do is walk around your town or any busy area and you will run across a business using a geo type domain name.

It could be the entire city in the domain or an acronym of the city.

Keep in mind, I am not talking about category killer type domains like You should obviously know that no matter what, those have HUGE value. They can be developed into powerful internet real estate.

The domains that seem to always fall through the cracks and are undervalued would be domains such as:


These are known as City + Service domains and I LOVE THEM.

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We’ve had a few sales with GEO’s and I am always looking to buy them. One of the geo sales we talk about here. The sale was through outbound marketing for a popular city and highly profitable service.

When looking for Geo domains, there are certain criteria we look for such as:

  • City population
  • What service the domain is geared for
  • Is the business likely to have an online presence
  • The pattern of the domain (City+Domain vs Domain+City)
  • Keyword
  • CPC

And here is a quick tip…

Just because the Domain+City pattern may sound weird (they usual do), it may still have buyers.

How do you feel about GEO domain names? Do you think they have value in the marketplace? Let us know your thoughts below!

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34 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Geo Domains?

  1. We absolutely love them. In our case, they represent a significant portion of our current portfolio. They are the easiest to outbound market to from my perspective.

  2. I own some but I was unsuccessful to sell them both by outbound marketing and via auctions. Here’s a sample:


  3. They do have value and I am selling quite a few of them each month through my team.

    Not just geo domain name selling, one can also lease out or develop various sections and sell advertisements on their geo domains to make money.

  4. I’m an other Geo Domains lover.
    I sold all kinds of them from $187.00 to $550.
    For those thinking $187.00 is nothing, oh, well…
    That’s 1989% Gross Profit. Now you like it; right?

    Anyhow, I found City Country Geo Domains are
    even better. However, be ready to work hard…

    Obviously, this is my very personal opinion.

  5. It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of Geo domains and have invested in quite a few over the years. Most I develop, others I quick flip, and sometimes I develop with an intention to flip afterward.

  6. In addition, there was a Inc article published Friday (2/10): “8 Tips to Finding The Perfect Dot Com Domain Name.”

    In point #2, the article references using location as a part of the domain name for local businesses.

  7. Very undervalued. Rising in value. Very cheap right now. We own many of them.

    Insurance, homes, plumbing, real estate, all easy 5k up towards 50k for state names depending state domain. Quite endless.


  8. I personally like GEO domains, and find them easy to develop and flip when the market is just right such a domain. Let me be clear though that not all GEO domains are good domains. You must really perform thorough research and understand the respective market your after. It’s not as simple as wash, rinse, and repeat. Do your homework and test before you stockpile. 🙂

  9. People have varied success with Geo + Keywords or Keywords + Geo domains. Personally I’ve never had luck in buying in this niche.

    I’ve found when a company already has an established web presence under a brand, they are not likely to switch or buy an aftermarket domain. If they are interested they typically want to know if it gets a lot of type-ins each month. Most of these types of geo domains don’t, unless they have high search volume.

  10. What about something like (I don’t own it btw)
    Is it devalued because of
    1) the hyphen
    2) the extension

    Or is it acceptable to the right person that wants it?

    • Hey John,

      I stay away from hyphens. I would especially stay away from it in this case because its a .co.

      If it was a .com, then that may be a different story because with the keyword being “New York” is such a popular keyword that could work.

      But not for a .co.


  11. I agree with you and i have thought of that too. I have contacted 15 end users so far. I bought that name because of the number of businesses around that keywords and its 14 year old. I also found out the owner of the one you mentioned is also making use of the .net of my own.

    • Yeah that’s a fair amount of end users to contact. More would be good of course. 14 years old is also a good metric, though not always important. Older names are usually better quality though.

      If no one responds, give it some time. Make sure you are tracking your emails (google streak). It sucks when no one answers, I know. Also, make sure its parked if you aren’t using it and you have some type of “this is for sale” sign that a visitor could see. Keep an eye on your visitors/views as well, while you wait for a potential sale.


  12. Regarding keyword+geo or geo+keyword. What I noticed is that the average search volume for keyword+geo is usually higher than geo+keyword for most get domains…but the latter sounds better.
    This, which one should be considered first between the two?

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