Do End Users Want Anything Other Than The .COM?

We’ve spoken a lot about outbound marketing in the past as well as tactics to find the right contact to reach out to in order to get better results. But we never fully dove into how outbound marketing works on other alternative extensions besides .com.

I know everyone will have different opinions on this topic but we will be basing our take on it from our past experiences doing outbound and the type of results we can share.

Alright let’s get right to it.

When you are doing outbound marketing the goal is to reach out to domain owners/companies that will benefit from owning the name you are trying to sell.

In the case of a .com domain name, I will reach out to all sites that have a longer version of the name I am selling and also the alternative extensions. This will give you a ton of prospects to focus on, meaning a higher chance of selling the name.


Let’s say I own One of my strategies is to target all domain names that have “green widgets” in their web address. So we could potentially target:


Most people would agree that is the “best” domain to own in this circumstance. It’s a shorter domain, describes exactly what they do and our goal is to let them know it’s available for sale and we will also let their COMPETITION know it’s on the market as well.

A great tool to help you find domains with the keywords you want in them is ZFbot. We’ve preached about how much we like this tool and it’s for good reason.

Now let’s try to do the same process with a .net, .org, .info, .cc etc.

The thing you have to understand is when you are trying to sell anything other than a .com, you are already fighting an uphill battle. I am not saying it’s impossible but a majority of outbound sales will be to end users or other investors that want the “best” TLD. In nearly all cases, it’s .com.

We’ve tried to do outbound with names in other extensions and could not get positive results from it.

I remember trying to sell a very good .net to several people who I thought could benefit from it and got about 1 response. They were not interested in the domain.

I’m pretty sure it’s because it was a .net. If it was the .com, it could have sold for high $XX,XXX.

I am sure others have had some results but as I mentioned before, it is such a low probably that it is best to invest your time and money in buying good .com domain names.

Sure, feel free to get other extensions if you want to experiment but I’d keep this to a minimum.

Stick to what works.

Alternative extensions do have value if you are purchasing the right type though. We’ve had success putting them on auction marketplaces like Flippa or even forums such as Namepros. Just make sure you are buying them at the right price.

Would love to hear your experiences with doing outbound marketing on alternative extensions.

Please share them in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Do End Users Want Anything Other Than The .COM?

  1. Good article, and good question.

    In your context of outbound marketing, it’s mostly true that end users will mainly pay attention to dot-coms.

    But for inbound inquiries, I’ve had different experiences (not sure why): Putting aside some numeric dot-coms I hold, the multiple ‘legit’ inquires I’ve received in the past 30-days have been on two of my dot-nets ( and, and one of my dot-VIP names (PrivateJet.VIP).

    • Yes that is the interesting part because other extensions do generate inquiries depending on the domain of course. Those 2 you mentioned are nice names even though they are .net. We do like .net and .org and maybe sometimes .info but don’t dive into any of the others.

      – Will

  2. As far as the aftermarket goes it is mainly domainers who would be interested in alternative extensions. If an enduser is going to go for an alt tld (which is rare in itself) most of the time it will be because it is reg fee.

    Asking someone to buy a clearly 2nd rate domain, and pay a premium for it, the odds are very slim.

  3. Active outbound is a different creature from passive inbound. End users certainly do pay good money for not-.COMs every single day. Those motivated buyers often approach the owner, though, either directly or through a market place. With outbound, it’s more of an uphill battle due to lack of education among the mainstream public about .COM alternatives. To some degree, we have to wait for people to discover wider TLD options on their own.

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