Yesterday something interested happened. NO, I am not talking about the Grammy’s that were on TV. I am speaking about a letter that I received in the mail regarding one of our domain names that we have registered for one of our websites.

This domain name was supposedly “Copyright Infringement” and the Brand Protection sector of this company sent us a pretty specific mail to let us know the issue.

Here’s what it looked like…

(Excuse the bite mark on the top left…I got angry! LOL) 

What we found interesting about this was they mentioned it was the third time they have contacted us but to our knowledge…it was the first time we heard of such a thing. We went through our emails and didn’t happen to find anything.

Good thing I ran into this though.

First things first…

We do not want any legal issues. We all know that when you buy a domain name with a brand name anywhere in it, you are probably putting yourself in a bad situation since you do not have ownership of that brand. They have the total rights to that name which is why we are NOT going to try to battle this one out.

The only thing I did was let them know our mistake and also inform them that all we wanted to do was give helpful information about their service to the visitor. We were not bad mouthing their company or products or services at all.  (not that they even care though)

What’s the Lesson?

I think the lesson is rather simple….Just don’t go after BRAND NAME domain names.  It really isn’t worth to deal with the aggravation of having to worry about a company sending you a “Cease & Desist letter”.

There are so many other domain names out there you can get around this loop. If you really want to build a page around a specific brand, do so with an internal page on your website.

If you do things this way, then you will be fine. Your domain name has no brand names associated with it so you won’t have to worry about anything being “Infringed” upon.

Now I may be wrong but the time and effort you can give to an interpage without having to worry about a company trying to take your website down is wonderful. Thankfully we also kept this in mind.

People tend to forget…

That interpages in your website can also rank as strong as a MAIN DOMAIN. Don’t forget this. There is so much “ra ra” stuff about exact match domains needed and using brand names to get to where you want to be in the search engines.

I wouldn’t do it…

If you want to talk about a specific brand of laptops then get a general domain about laptops and talk about that specific brand within your website. Then do your proper SEO and backlinking strategy as you would with any other domain.

It’s really not rocket science but it surely is a wake up call.

When You Rank High…Beware

Once you have your website ranking high. (Top 3) and you have a companies brand name in your domain is when you will probably get the same letter we did. Now, some companies simply don’t mind, as long as you are not talking bad about them.


Some do care…and care a lot! As you can see from the letter above.

The choice is yours but we just wanted to share our latest experience with you as we know there is A LOT of buzz around “brand name domain names”…

That’s our story…

Until next time



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