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Bump you! Yeah I said it…

Just kiddin…but today I will be discussing something I find very interesting and after seeing the results of what it did for us, knew you could get some type of benefit from it. So sit back and get ready to take notes.

*Also, the information in this post is probably stuff people charge you for so please don’t take it for granted because it’s free.

The Warrior Forum Opportunity

First off, I hope you know what I mean by the Warrior Forum. This forum is a place where a ton of internet marketing minds come together to share ideas, tips and also argue about what is working and what isn’t.

It can be a pretty entertaining and then at times, there could be people who want to get on your last nerve. It’s all part of the forum atmosphere though, so don’t go in the kitchen if you can’t handle the fire…isn’t that how the saying goes?

I think so…anyway. Will and I figured that we knew how to crank out high quality articles since we wrote over 5K that are over in Ezine Articles (look us up, but we have others under different pen names), we could probably create a service to sell high quality articles. Please keep in mind that we had NO IDEA how to do this, how we would make it work or even if there was a market for it but from this idea we began to develop a simple plan.

Is There A Market? 

Before you try to create a product or service, you better make sure you have a market for it. If people aren’t spending money on it then how will you be making money? In our case, before we started our Epic Writing Service man we spent A LOT of money on articles.

First, we use to write the articles ourselves then started to hire our team of writers who we began to build trust with overtime. But still, a big portion of our money was going into our content marketing campaigns. Either the content was for article marketing, backlinking, or for the websites themselves etc. 

The Decision

After looking over the numbers and seeing that WE were spending money on articles ourselves, we knew that it was possible that others could be customers for us and potentially buy articles through us…and thankfully we were right.

So first and foremost, make sure people are out there willing to buy what you have to offer. Once you can determine that, look at the different categories and niche ideas to get your juices flowing.

Then from here, you need to go to the Warrior For Hire section to actually place your offer out there for others too see. After scrolling through you will see there are various different offers people are out there selling. And believe me…a lot of them are making bank. It’s simple, because this forum is so popular and they have the MARKET you are already looking for. Just put something they want to spend their money on in front of them. Provide a valuable product or service they would want or desire. Pretty much…something they NEED. I can’t keep it any simpler than that

In our case it was simple because we knew people needed articles because we needed them too. 

Setting Up Your Offer

One thing that you should know right now is that this is NOT FREE. It does cost like $20 I believe to put up your thread in the Warrior Forum for Hire section. Might be more but not much more. Trust me, if you have a compelling enough service or product you could make that back very fast. So don’t let the small initial fee scare you.

Ok..so if you look at our thread you will notice that we don’t have many fancy things on it. I’ve seen a lot of other people who sell services that have awesome looking picture but I don’t think all those things are needed…at least you don’t need them to start. What you DO NEED IS CREDIBILITY! Other people’s TESTIMONIALS will sell the crap outta your service. Also if you want, add a nice picture of yourself. Probably not needed but just adds to the personal feel we like to give.

That’s why once you go on my offer, you will see immediately what others are saying about my Article Service. People want to see that. They want to know that they will be getting their monies worth with someone they can trust. 

How To You Get Credibility?

Good question. You might not like the answer though. You got to give things away for FREE. You got be willing to offer your product or service free of charge to a select few people. 


Because the agreement between you and them will be “I will give my product or service for FREE, and in turn you will give me an honest review on how you liked it etc”. Very simple, but very powerful. After you get a few of these, you should stark immediately sticking them in your warrior thread so other people will get sold on whatever it is you are offering. This is a powerful tactic. GIVE OUT FREE and you will get back. After giving out 10 or 15 “free reviews” then you can close up the free review trial offer. It’s up to you.

Just know some people will never come back to leave you a review. Don’t worry about them. No use crying over spilled milk my Mom told me. Well, she didn’ t really tell me that but I read it in a book and it makes sense in this example.

Your Offer

This is the simple part. All you have to do is lay out whatever it is your offering. Pretty strait forward. Of coure, you want to be persuasive in some way or another but again if the market is hungry, all ya gatta do is feed them. If anyone told you that you need a fancy copywriter first to make things happen, then I bet they were trying to sell you copywriting secrets then…right? lol

You don’t. I think I am OK at writing and I wrote all the material at our thread but by no means am I a super professional master with words. I just wrote what made sense. I also saw other threads that had a lot of views and visitors and pretty much emulated what they did. Not rocket science just master mimicking if you ask me! 

Just make sure you have a crap load of testimonials with happy clients. That’s it. 


You need to be able to accept payment for your service, we use Paypal. Not to much too say about this. Some others have Paypal links that you can click directly and order. This is fine, but we don’t like to do this simply because we like to have initial contact with potential clients before accepting them. Also, it protects us from getting a flood of orders and then not being able to satisfy all of them in a timely matter.

So the choice is going to ultimately be up to you.


I wanted to punch myself in the face when I figured out how powerful a BUMP was since I had decided to ignore it and not use is for several months since we started the service. I think Will wanted to punch me too, but then he didn’t because I figured it out which brought in A LOT of new business so instead we went out for Applebees Nachos. Success… 

Anyway here is what a BUMP is and why YOU BETTER be using it if you decide to put up a service on this thread or most likely any other forum related to your niche.

Once you put up your service it’s in front of everyone eyes. But then throughout time you start to move down in the thread. Eventually you move to page 2,3,4 then once your all the way back there, consider yourself lost in the Bermuda. You will not be getting ANY business where no one can see you.

That’s were we were and I was wondering why the heck weren’t we getting new clients in consistently. Well that’s why.

The only thing I can compare it to is the Search Engines. We’ve ranked a lot of sites on the first page of Google. Also, several #1 to be exact. You want to know what happens if that site on the top spots of Google where to go to page 2,3,or 4 would do to us?

It would make me cry and pretty much eliminate all of our traffic. (Real men cry when they lose their search engine rankings, trust me).

Same goes for your thread on the forum. 

Now this might not sound like a million dollar tip, but I think it is. Because ONCE I DID THIS, we had an EMAIL FULL OF POTENTIAL NEW CLIENTS. Literally once I did the bump within 12 hours, we had people messaging us and emailing us to try out our service.

The bump your thread button looks like this…


Now the rules on bumping a thread can be found here, so read them. I read somewhere you got to wait until your thread hits page #3 to give your thread a BUMP up to the top again. But clearly I don’t see that on the link I provided. Either way, follow their rules.

That’s It

From here on out, if you have a compelling offer and followed the steps above, you should be fine. MAKE sure you answer peoples questions in a timely matter and whenever you get new testimonials from people you continue to stick them on your main sales thread. You can continue to EDIT it to make changes which is how I also add more testimonials to the bottom.

Testimonials sell for you and are very powerful. Please, do not underestimate this.

Let us know what you thought about this post with your comment below.

We’ve pretty much laid out EXACTLY how we created our article writing service and how you can do the same for whatever you wish, as long as their is a market for it. ;-)


When it comes to doing business online one of the hardest tasks is to find quality content for your website or guest blogging (a little more info on this later)  purposes. Everyone who does business online is in need of quality content but unfortunately this is not always easy to find.

Omar And Will Writing Service

Some of the common problems many people encounter are:

  1. The Content Is Plagiarized
  2. The Content Is Not Well Written (even though quality was promised)
  3. The Content Is Too Expensive
  4. The Content Is Not Delivered On Time
  5. The Writers Tend To Disappear

The list can go on a on but these are the main problems you will be dealing with on a consistent basis. Believe me Omar and I have a lot of experience in these situations. I cannot tell you how many times I found myself stressing out simply because the writer who I thought was reliable disappeared or the content was never delivered on time.

Would you want to know how you save yourself from this stress?


Omar and I (Will) have decided to provide well written quality articles at an affordable price that will be delivered in time. Of course you won’t need to worry about us disappearing either. (not like we could even if we wanted to LOL)

I know I know…You are probably asking yourself,

How are these 2 twenty four year olds suppose to provide me with some quality content?

The answer is quite simple…Check out our ezine profiles and see how many articles we have done in the past.



I will be the first one to tell you when we first started back in 2008 we HATED TO WRITE ARTICLES and frankly we SUCKED at it. BUT of course after years of trial and error we developed our skills and our love for writing articles and the concept of article marketing grew on us.

Click Here To Visit Our Popular Warrior Forum Epic Writing Service Page

We are looking forward to getting you quality articles on a consistent basis without hurting your pockets! For more information make sure to contact us today!

Omar & Will

Hey everyone! Today we have an interesting tip on how you can find great writers on Craigslist to help you crank out more content for your websites and or articles. Writing content can sure be boring at times. This is coming from 2 guys who wrote over 4K articles over at EzineArticles.com, so when it comes to producing content, we know a thing or 2 about it.

But as we learned more about the internet, we noticed rather quickly that hiring people to write for you sure saves a lot of time.

Why Craigslist?

Simply, because we don’t like paying membership fees or commission fees to sites that may have writers on them. We’ve been a part of many of those sites that charge you a fee when you chose a writer, but with the abundance of people on Craigslist, you can get a ton of ready and willing people to write for you.

Here’s The Twist Though…

If you didn’t know Craigslist is WORLDWIDE. This is where the opportunity is. As you know many people throughout the world do not speak great English but their is one place that seems to always come through with great quality content and that is…the Philippines!

We have found so many great people their who write wonderful content, and you can too if you follow some of these tips.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is go to Craigslist Philippines (that link should bring you to the most popular city that works well for me which is “Manila”.

Step 1

Step 2

Now what you want to do is click on “Jobs” so you can post your job so they can all see it and have access to contact if you they are interested.

Step 2

Step 3

Now, click post on the top right hand side and make sure you log in because you will not be able to post if you do not have an account.

Step 3

You want to post in this section “writing/editing jobs” since this is exactly what  you are looking for. Click that bubble and go on to the next step.

Step 3-B

Step 4

This is where you want to VERY simple and not add any fancy stuff that is NOT needed. I first tried to put up a very long post describing exactly what I wanted but I have found that the more simple…the better.

You must fill out the Posting Title, Posting Description, Compensation.

Check out below what one of my simple ads may look like.

Step 4

That’s it! Keep it simple! To many words and to precise details I believe throws them off.


Here is a picture of how are email looks with interested writers who want to work with us.


From here all we do is email some of them back who we feel best suit our needs.


Your probably wondering how would you pay someone that is on the other side of the world, but it is rather simple. Many of the people from the Philippines want these 2 types of payment.

1. Paypal

2. Xoom (Xoom.com)

You will find more times than not, they are fine with Paypal. But there have been times when they rather use Xoom Service for the money transfer and it has also been smooth and easy. Whichever way they prefer is fine.


The rates per words will always be different depending on what you are looking for and what kind of quality they can offer. If you want higher in depth researched articles then of course you will be paying a bit more.

It all depeneds. Make sure you compensate them fairly and as you build a long term relationship with them, give them a raise! Most times, they may be a little scared to ask but when you are happy with their work and feel the time is right, go for it. It will most surely put a smile on their faces.

Questions Or Comments

Feel free to leave your questions and or comments below!

Take care!