Bodis New Sales Lander = A New Sexy Look!

There’s a lot of things that get me happy in this world. One would be my family. Another one would be my girlfriend. One more would be when I beat Will in all the NBA2K series video games. Also, taco bell makes me happy as you all know already.

But you want to know what I really like? When a company continues to evolve and to create bad-ass things for their customers.

This is exactly what Bodis did with the New and Improved Sales Lander page.

When you buy a domain name you have many options to consider. Most domainers simply park their domain names and wait for sales inquires to come in.

When you park your name you can do 2 things:

  • PPC Parked Page – This is the standard page you see on the internet that may or may not have a few pictures with several advertiser links that are relevant to whatever domain name you have parked. I honestly don’t like the way most PPC pages look. What most parking companies allow you to do is to mix a combination of PPC advertising on your page with a “this domain name is for sale” banner of some sort. But even with this, it still may be a bit hard to see for someone who generally has an interest in regards to purchasing your domain name.
  • Sales Lander – This is when you go to a domain name and the message is straight in your face that “the domain may be for sale, contact if interested”. This makes the most sense in my opinion. A lot of times the traffic you get (type-in traffic) is from people who want to know what’s going on with the domain name, if it’s in use and if they could have an opportunity to purchase it. You want to make it as easy for the buyer as possible to get in contact with you. People talk about buyers going through the WHOIS to find you which is possible but not everyone lives in the “internet world”. There are lots of people who don’t know what the F a whois lookup even means.

The sales lander page approach is what we are going with now and trying to get as many leads as possible for interested domain names. Bodis created a sleek looking page that is very simple, to the point and is out to get leads/sales for your domain names. They have a few options which you could learn about here but we are using the page that looks like this:

Bodis Sales Lander Page Example

Image Credit : Bodis

It targets the main things you should be looking for when it comes to a sale:

  • Their first/last name
  • Email Address (So you can obviously answer them back but you can also use this to research your potential buyer and connect the dots as to WHO they really are. We did this on a past sale)
  • Phone number (If you like the phone, go for it)
  • Their initial offer (No offer is to small. See more on that here)
  • Message (They can let you know some extra info in regards to their interest)

Bodis is also offering a straight buy it now Sales page that’s connected to Escrow which is basically the middle man to make sure both buyers and sellers are happy with the sale. Always use escrow if its a sale in the high $xxx and above.

We aren’t using the buy it now pages at the moment though. We want to stick to the straight lead pages and see how that works out.

Thanks Bodis for this great update!

How do you like this update from Bodis? We want to know your thoughts on it.

Image Credit: Printo

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Omar is the CEO & Co-Owner of The Limitless Legacy Network LLC, where his company focuses on buying and selling online properties. He also handles the companies domain acquisition, brokerage and media relations. Stay updated to their blog by joining their free newsletter here

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7 thoughts on “Bodis New Sales Lander = A New Sexy Look!

  1. Hello Omar,

    From me and the rest of the crew at Bodis, we want to say thank you for covering the addition of our new sales templates in your latest blog post. We really appreciate the positive feedback.

    This year we’ve taken many of the suggestions we’ve received from our members on board, which we’re hoping to see implemented from 2016. This will include some unique sales features that will complement the new sales templates.

    Anyone can keep up to date with what’s new at Bodis by following our blog.

    Thanks again.

    • Hey Abdul.

      Yes the update is awesome let’s see how the transition with it goes. Yes, DNS is also a great parking platform I hear as well. But so far, they always deny us entry to their program. lol!


  2. Hi,
    i am add one of my domain in bodis but my domain inquiry page show did’t look like this page, if he charges some fee? would you like to share any other company like bodis.

  3. Just a quick update. I was in contact with Bodis management earlier today and I have been informed that new sales link placement feature will also include mobile devices.

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