Are Your Domain Name Prices Just Freaking Crazy?

There’s a HUGE chance you are one of the people who do this. How do we know? Because we did this. That’s why I wrote post and we made this video. Yes, domain name sales are insane. Domain name prices can be huge. You read these great success stories of 10,000% ROI and wish that could be you one day.

I get it. It happens.

But does it happen regularly? No. It doesn’t.

A main culprit here is greed. As humans, we are some what greedy by nature. We always want more. There is no difference when you are trying to sell your domain names.

This post/video may have come out of anger…yeah that’s it. Maybe because I had to deal with a counter offer like this…

offer counter offer pic

Are you serious? Let me get this straight…someone thinks that their name is worth $250,000. Let’s be serious.

There a a few names out there that are worth that price.

Are Your Domain Name Prices Just Freaking Crazy Pic

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Can we honestly try to value are domain names prices with “real” valuations of some sort? For us, we try to hit a target of getting 10x our money based on what we paid for the domain name. Is it a perfect science?

Absolutly not!

Sometimes we choose to sell it for less (cashflow), or we are able to hit our target or sell it for a tad bit more than expected (we haven’t hit that home run sale yet tough, but it’s coming)!

Case and point: If you price your domain names to sell, you put yourself in a good position to…um…sell them. Not rocket science right?

Agree? Disagree? We want to know, let us know your thoughts!

Have a questions? Feel free to let us know over at our contact us page!

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8 thoughts on “Are Your Domain Name Prices Just Freaking Crazy?

  1. hi guys how do you put your picture next to your comment on domain Sherpa? you areone of the few that I seen do that. I just wanna know how so I can post in your and other websites with my pic. thx

    • Hey Reggie.

      Look up gravatar on google. Their site should be #1 on the search list. That’s how we are able to put a picture with our comments on wordpress platforms. It’s super simple and you sign up with your email and whenever you leave a comment on someones blog through that email (you signed up with gravatar with), it brings up your profile pic.

      And its free.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Have seen really stupid pricing in the wild, names with dashes in and the seller asking for 5 figures when it is not worth $20.

    Pricing is difficult in this industry, it’s very easy to under price and over price.

    • Hey Douglas.

      Agreed. It is difficult to price domain names because at times it could feel like the wild west out there. Especially when looking through recent sales reports and seeing names you or I wouldn’t pay reg fee for, sell for thousands. I think it’s important though to have a baseline price in your head or on paper somewhere, that you would be happy to sell for if the opportunity ever presented itself.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. What’s the big deal? Domains priced ridiculously won’t sell in 99% of cases, simple. On the other hand, if you “own” the name, you can sell it for what ever you want, even if the other person (who is interested) thinks it 5 bucks or 1 dollar, you hold the name.. until you don’t 🙂 That’s a great thing about domain names – exclusivity

    Thanks for the entertainment/read,


    • Hey Shaun.

      Not a “big deal” and yes you are right, in most cases they won’t sell. Here’s the thing though, I believe when an END USER is interested in acquiring a domain name and gets a CRAZY price on an “average” domain, it doesn’t look good for the industry all together. Sure, some of them think they can buy a domain name for $10 and that’s only what they expect to pay. What happens when they get a counter offer like the one I mentioned above in my post (250K)? For a name that is NOT nearly worth that much. They could and should just move on to another option.

      And yes I agree, domains are awesome because of exclusivity. But remember, someone could just go elsewhere and get their 2nd best option if a price was “way” out of their budget (and really didn’t need to be).

      Thanks Shaun!


  4. As many domainer would agree a price of a domain is worth a buyers are willing to pay it doesnt matter if the price is absurd. I’ve seen lots of domain sell for a huge price even in my opinion dont have the right to be sold in that amount but thats how it works some some good names sold for low price some not so good sold for higher price and vice versa:)

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