Are The New gTLD’s Domain Names Worth Your Money?

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Have you ever thought about buying up some of the newer gTLD’s that have been coming out on the market? Maybe it’s .io, .church or .whatever it may be, one of the most important questions someone who purchases domain names can ask is “Will this purchase make me money overtime”?

Here is what we think.

There are a lot of new gTLD’s coming out to the market if you haven’t noticed. Not sure if I am right on this but I’ve heard throughout the years, it could add up to thousands of various extensions. Pretty crazy but it’s happening right before our own eyes. Many people feared this day would come and the value of the “.com” extension would diminish.

But is that happening though?

Based on what we’ve noticed on our end, nothing earth shattering has occurred as of now. If you browse domain name aftermarkets and domain name auction websites, which extension is continuing to command the highest prices?


But don’t take out word for it, go check out NameBio. If you aren’t familiar with NameBio, it’s a wonderful tool to look at past sales for nearly every extension you want. (Keep in mind, this only shows PUBLIC sales numbers, there are a lot of PRIVATE sales that aren’t reported but this is more than enough information to keep you busy.)

As a little experiment, I choose to look at all the recent sales and want to see 100 results per page. The first page of the lists breakdown like this.

  • .com – 92 total results on first page.
  • .net –  6 total results on first page.
  • .org – 4 total results on first page.

( For some reason that doesn’t add up to 100, but you get the point. .COM still gets the lion share of sales anyway you look at it.)

This search only showed me SOME of May 31, 2015 sales and I could bet that if I kept looking back I would see a similar sales pattern to the extensions above.

So what does this mean for you, me and everyone who likes to purchase domains for resale or long term holds? For us, it shows us not to get to excited when it comes to all of this gTLD hype. You see it all around the registrars. Whenever you try to register a name, they let you know you could get it in a thousand other extensions.

Are they worth it? Well, your the only one that could answer that question for yourself. If they fit what you are trying to do, then by all means stick to your plan.

Here’s another thing to think about. Domains are valuable to businesses because it gives them the opportunity to have a powerful, unique, clear presence on the internet.


Well as I mention in our video, if you ask the COMMON person what their thoughts are on new gTLD’s, many may not even know they exist.

The reason for that is because billions of dollars are being spent on advertisements through banners (offline and online), billboards, bus stops etc. Usually, the domain extension being advertised is .COM. It’s simple, consumers are comfortable with .com. They have been using it pretty much all of their lives. That’s why it’s “easier” to sell a .com domain name at the moment then any other extension out there.

Will that change in the future? Maybe.

But one thing we can tell you is, .COM are still the most sought after and prices/sales still show that.

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