4 Key Factors To Look For When Scanning For Domain Names

Anyone can buy a domain name but not everyone understands how to acquire valuable domain names that could sell for profit. If you find yourself feeling like you are not able to determine the value of a domain that’s fine. When anyone gets started the first goal should be to understand how to value domain names. Of course, what most people do and I was one of them is to go on a domain buying spree getting all kinds of domain names that just feel like they are valuable.

Even though I do believe in trusting your intuition/6th sense when it comes to buying domains, you have to first be able to develop the skill of understanding true value. This comes from experience, from analyzing previous sales and from reading a lot about other people’s purchases and sales.

Here’s a video we made about this topic:

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The Type Of Domains We Look For

People are going absolutely crazy about numeric domains and short character domains. For us though the focus and opportunity lies in the good old keyword based domains. We just feel the value here can be justified in the form of some factors we will be discussing later on. We also have specific domains we focus on within the keyword domain category.

Here are the domains we tend to lean towards:

  • 1-2 word .coms
  • 1 word .nets (high search volume)
  • 1 word .orgs (high search volume)
  • 1 word .infos (high search volume)
  • 1 word .tv (a new focus of ours)

Based on research over at Namebio from previous sales and of course our own past sales we have determined that the above type of domains are affordable to get and provide great profit potential. At one point we may decide to dive into the craziness that is numeric and short character domains but for now our focus will be the above.

Factors That Help Us Determine What Domains To Buy

Other Extensions Registered – If we find a domain, we make sure there are many other extension of the same keyword domain taken. This means there is interest in this domain and also these are potential buyers you can reach out to that might want to buy your domain. We use this expired domains filter too look through thousand of domains and they have a feature that shows you what other extensions are taken.

Search Volume – This factor shows how popular a keyword is based on the amount of searches it gets on a monthly basis. For this you can use the Google Keyword Planner/tool, just simply type that into Google and it should be the first one in the results. All you need is a Gmail account to use it.

History Of Past Sales – This is pretty important as it shows you if similar domains including your keyword or related to it have sold in the past. If you see a lot of similar domains selling and recently it is a positive sign. This shows there are plenty of people out there willing to pay for this type of domain. You can also learn a whole lot by looking at the domain names that don’t sell since it will show you what domain names you should avoid investing in.

Total Number Of Related Sites – The more related site there are the better chances you have at selling your domain. Each of these sites is a potential person you can reach out to that may see your domain as a beneficial asset to have in this business. The best tool to get the job done is ZFbot, not only is it simple to use but it is free. Thanks to this tool we were able to effectively contact end users and made some great profitable sales recently (which we are waiting for the sales to officially close to discuss them).

Remember, the type of domains that work for us may not be the same domains that work for you. The beauty about the domaining industry is that you can be successful in so many ways with buying and selling all kinds of different domains. Simply find your focus and run with it while learning as much as you possibility can.

What are some of the domain names you all focus on? What are some methods that help you determine if you should buy or not? We will love to hear your thoughts on this!

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8 thoughts on “4 Key Factors To Look For When Scanning For Domain Names

  1. Thanks Will for sharing those important factors which are good and must check for all while buying domains.

    That “Total Number Of Related Sites” you mentioned is very important for me when deciding about buying any domain. But I use Namedroppers.com instead of Zfbot. Although both works for the same thing.

    The other 3 things you mentioned, I used to go through all of them on regular basis but these days it’s not that much required due to experience gained over the years. However, I do check past sales and search volume but to me search volume is not worth a lot or I can say a major deciding factor but it does help specially for newbies to understand.

    These days when I saw the jump in short/numeric domains, I have bought several 6N .com domains and going after LLLL.com which are getting expensive every day but still I think it’s the time to buy and hold onto them for some years for fruitful return.

    Also 2 word .com domains are mostly my focus and my portfolio is filled with such names.

    • Hey Abdul,

      Yes I have heard of Namedroppers but have not used them still. Since you have mentioned them a few times, I think I will take a look into what they offer.

      And your strategy to buy names is very similar to ours! =)


  2. Hey Omar,

    Before NameDroppers was a good site with showing 500 results but not restricted to 50 and is a paid service to see more results. Still it’s very useful and I rank this tool very important after going through Google about researching every domain as to what it is.

    I see you guys are going in the right direction and definitely you will have much more success in coming time.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks Abdul! Appreciate it. We will stay the course and continue doing what has been working as well as continue to learn and increase our understanding.

      – Will

  3. What’s up Omar and Will!

    I found a video of yours on Namepros and I was hooked immediately. I’ve been dabbing around in the domain industry for a couple months now and learning it has been a blast (and freakin time consuming) so far! I can’t wait to get better at it and get more efficient though.

    I was wondering, what strategies do you use to get your domains to rank or make some money off them before you sell them? Where do you host them, what kind of content, SEO tactics etc.? I already made a couple of rookie mistakes, so I’m trying to avoid a new one! 😀

    Thanks for sharing. guys!

    • Hey Guillzini,

      Thanks for the support! Good thing your learning, take it step by step. We are still learning how things work as well and sharing what we learn throughout the process.

      To answer your question, we do not focus on ranking our domains and doing SEO on them at the moment. BUT it is a smart strategy that Will and I will begin to discuss because if you can get your domains to make some money while you wait to sell them or even sell them as an income producing asset (which we’ve done in the past) then that’s even better!

      For hosting we simply use hostgator when we use to put sites up live. For content, we have personal writers we use to handle any content for websites we may own. SEO tactics….hmm good high quality content works right? lol. Well, nothing beats great content honestly and I wouldn’t suggest buying backlinks or using blog networks to rank higher in the search engines, been there, done that. It’s not a cute ending…ever.

      Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!


      • Hey Omar,

        Thanks for your reply! I couldn’t get on the site for a couple of days for some reason, so I’m a bit late with responding. In any case, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, that helps a lot! I’m just a one-man army so I have to manage my time carefully, that’s why I’m looking for the best strategy to use for now. I’m actually in the middle of my first negotiation ever!! I used a couple of your tips I picked up in your videos, so I’m excited to see where this will go.

        Thanks again and I look forward to the next video!


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