Just A Quick Thank You To Marco From ExpiredDomains.net

If your into buying and selling domain names, then you more than likely have used ExpiredDomains.net. I can probably bet you use this tool DAILY.

I sure do.

As I was sitting down at my desk today, I just felt like giving a huge shout out to Marco who runs the website. It’s an incredibly valuable tool for domainers who need to scan through thousands of domains daily.

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Reveal Your Domain Acquisitions Too Soon

This happened to me a few weeks ago and is something you should always keep in mind. It was a mistake on my part and something I think we all could learn from.

If you don’t know the process of domain expiration, we break it down in our own way here.

When a domain name is expiring, you are given the chance to put a bid in an auction format and potentially win the domain name for yourself.

This is what I did via a Dynadot expired domain name auction.

I won a domain name for a GREAT price in my opinion. I was very happy with the purchase, so happy that I went on the Namepros forum and revealed what domain name I had just won at auction.

There goes my mistake.

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The Seasonal Domain Niche – Are Mothers Day Domains And Others Profitable?

On Sunday I got home from celebrating Mother’s Day with my family. As you can imagine the place we went to was packed and full of people celebrating as well. While at the restaurant, I started thinking about just how much these restaurants make on Mother’s day and I was thinking it had to be a significant amount compared to what they would make on a regular Sunday.

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How To Keep Tabs On The Domain Market Using Namepros

Namepros is a great forum that is filled with advice from thousands of members but more importantly I feel that most of the people there are overall good people.

They go above and beyond to answer questions and help you out as best as they can.

That’s why when I joined up several years ago, I knew it would be a place that I could come back to for continuous learning.

The reason for this post is just to inform you that if you are a member of the forum, you may be missing out on a simple feature that could potential help you with sales and acquisitions.

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Do End Users Want Anything Other Than The .COM?

We’ve spoken a lot about outbound marketing in the past as well as tactics to find the right contact to reach out to in order to get better results. But we never fully dove into how outbound marketing works on other alternative extensions besides .com.

I know everyone will have different opinions on this topic but we will be basing our take on it from our past experiences doing outbound and the type of results we can share.

Alright let’s get right to it.

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Should You Always Counter The Initial Domain Offer – 3 Things To Consider

The art of negotiation can be pretty tough when it comes to selling your domain names. Many of us always wonder what is the right price of a name and how do we even determine how much to sell the name for. At first, it may seem to be difficult but once you get more experience it becomes a bit simpler.

I have talked about pricing your domains in the past but this post will focus on how to deal with an inbound offer on your domain and if you should agree right away to the first offer. The most common approach is to either take the first offer in order to simply sell the name or counter with a larger number.

Of course I’ve done both of these but it’s always good to have a strategic approach for better results.

You must first ask yourself:

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